January 7, 2022 | AO – Golden Spike | Single digits 

PAX:  Lucky Charms, Oompa, Dirty Bird, Flowers, Tugboat, Tin Cup, Lansbury, Tooter, Mother Goose, Room Service Doppler, Z-bo, Vandelay 

VQ: Doggy Paddle 

At promptly 5:30, YHC welcomed the 13-person VQ support crew with the famous Wooderson quote, “Alright, alright, alright”.

I mentioned the 5 core principals, gave our mission statement, and reminded the PAX that I am not a professional, solidifying the fact by announcing my VQ status and pointing out the fact that I was reading the aforementioned preamble from a football play wristband.

Then we moseyed onto the field/track and circled up for warm-a-rama

Warm-A-Rama: • Tappy Taps x 10 IC• Reverse lunges x 10 slow in IC (three count each leg)• Front lunges x 10• Side lunges x 10• Mosey to and up the bleachers

The Pre-Thang

There was some intentional complexity and uncommon moves in The Thang, so YHC crafted the pre-thang to help reduce in SNAFU’s those complexity could cause.

We ran a lap around the bleachers 3x’s each. At the top of the bleachers we formed and awkward pseudo-circle and performed the following exercises:• Lap 1: 10 Superman Pull-ups à 10 Merkins• Lap 2: 10 Aquamans à 10 Carolina Drydocks• Lap 3: 10 Werkins à 10 Mountain climbers


The Thang

After the third bleachers-lap of the pre-thang,we skipped the stairs and hit the track, circled up, counted off and broke into pairs.

The track had four cones, one at each corner (~100 meters apart) and each corner had the supersets and instructions depicted below.

The goal of the The Thang was: Keep moving by super-setting a push movement, a back/core movement, and a 100-meter jaunt to the next corner where a descending number of supersets were required. Recruiting different muscles in the different movements in the set allows for active rest and continuous movement in the cold.

It is also designed to be deceptive difficult and YHC choose back/core movements not normally included in workouts by Q’s; therefore, stressing the PAX by putting them out of their element, which will tie into the COT. 






To honor my F3Name (Doggie Paddle) and favorite swimming event (the 50 freestyle) we did 50 Doggy Paddles (also known as Bird Dogs) IC — holding each move for the three-count cadence.

Announcements:• CSAUP coming up• Oracle’s birthday is Saturday and being hosted by Hard Hat @6am and Doppler @7am• Mother Goose is Q’ing the Rabbit Hole on Sunday at 7am and the PAX will be playing Rugby • Friday lunch: Cunningham’s Pub @ 108th & Dodge 


After finishing a near lap ahead of the rest of the group (HUGE shout out to HIM Mother Goose for keeping pace as my partner) and accomplishing the 50 Doggy Paddles with no to little effort… I announced the workout was easy. 

Amid the grumbles, I then explained I had just put them through a typical swimmer’s ‘dry-land’ workout and that the workout was easy to me not because I am super cool, but because I was prepared for it, as my F3Name suggests, I was a competitive swimmer and therefore had been preparing for that workout nearly all my life.

Then I posed my first of two Socratic questions: What athletic endeavor once seemed impossible to you, that after you prepared for and completed it, the challenge became manageable or even easy? 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles, a triathlon, a CSAUP?

Then I flipped the script to the F3 Mission and posed my second Socratic question. This is easy to conceptualize and largely undertaken in the athletic medium, but what about in the leadership realm? If preparing for an athletic event turnsendurances challenges into child’s play, how could you train for impending leadership challenges?

Don’t have an incoming challenge? Create an artificial one! Let’s face it 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles, etc. are all artificial or even Complete Stupid And Utterly Pointless, but they serve a meaningful purpose.

I ended the COT with a challenge to think of how each HIM could prepare himself for the challenges life will inevitable throw at them and the leadership opportunity those challengespresent.  

YHC took us out in prayer.

Coffee was shared at Stories.  

In style,

Doggy Paddle

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