Weather = 0 degrees (-17 windchill), winds 15-20 mph out of the NW
PAX – (14) Wait Time, Tuley, Toto. Tater, Big One, Slow Pitch, Doppler, Short Sale, Vandelay, TC, Khakis, Tube Socks, Sparty, GTA.
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I arrived early to take a “reminder” look at the area. Tater texted to remind me of 5:15 start time. No sugar coating it – it was cold. Tater, Vandelay and Slow Pitch pre-ran – WOW!
We commenced at 5:15 am sharp with the F3 5 core principles, motto, mission statement and disclaimer. Surprisingly, no PAX is doing the burpee challenge, which meant no burpees for us today!
WARM-A-RAMA following Mosey through the parking lot and to the base of the hill to the north – out of the wind.
Tappy taps
Big Ones
SSH All 15
The Pre-Thang and Thang were combined to keep us moving as much as possible:
We proceeded to take several runs including around the soccer field (this brought us into the full brunt of the wind), through the park and south into the neighborhood. Between runs we would return to our spot out of the wind to complete 20 SSH, 15 squats, 10 merkins.
Omaha was called at 5:46 after our last run through the parking lot. Each PAX then had a 10 count plank for Mary – (various counting methods were employed)
CSUAP is coming – get ready! 1/29/22! First Friday lunch
Prayer requests:
Prayers for Mulligan and his family, all travelers and our PAX brother on the retreat this weekend
In my pre-blast I mentioned that many make New Years resolutions to work out. Today, with the cold weather, would be a day that many would choose to hit snooze and stay in bed. But not this group. We chose to get out of bed and do something hard. If I had asked any of you before you started F3 if you would be willing to get up before 5 am on a day like this to drive to the Berm for $100, I doubt many of you would have. If you can be out here on a day like this, you can do anything hard. I’m proud of all you for being here today.
Thank you Toto, it was an honor to lead today! Retweet

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