Weather – Clear and -1° (Feels like- Misery!)

PAX: Cyclone Bovine, Beeps, Stitches, Two Step, Polaroid, E-85, Rooster, Rancid, Othello, Demogorgon, E-85

Q: Jeeves & Gunner

5:30 AM – The winds was targeting our shovel-flag gathering location so Gunner quickly welcomed the Pax and cited the F3 Mission statement, 5 Core Principles, “Modify as Necessary” disclaimer, and we moseyed out by 5:32 am to get moving and warmed-up.

Warmarama – Pre Thang Combo

When winter weather conditions are not ideal, Gunner prefers to roll warmarama and pre-thang together in an attempt to elevate  heart rates and get Pax moving for their beatdown. Today’s  warmarama and pre-thang started with a mosey down the west side path of Memorial Park to Dodge street.  At Dodge Street, Pax circled up for these exercises:

  • 15 IC Hairy Rockettes
  • 15 Hi-Yas (squat Kicks)
  • 10 IC Yoga Toe Touches
  • 15 IC Pickle Pushers

We moseyed east along Dodge street to Memorial Park’s East Path. We circled up and did:

Motivators starting at 5.

After Motivators we moseyed up the East path to the bottom of the stairs pato. At the patio the Pax lined up on the wall and did:

  • 15 IC Step Ups
  • 20 Dips
  • 15 IC Alt Shoulder touches
  • Calf Raises- 20 Straight-20 Out-20 In

Warmarama – Pre Thang was concluded and passed over to Jeeves for The Thang

The Thang

Jeeves led the Pax to the grassy slope between the stairs.  At this location Jeeves led the Pax on:

12 seated Arm Raises

12 “Dying Cockroach” type movement. Forgot the proper name for these.

12 “Dancing Bear” Type movement. 12 Each side.

12 Count High Plank

24 Count Low Plank

12 I-Y-W-T-O-Sweep Supermans.  This is a Superman position while maneuvering the arms to form the letters I-Y-W-T-O Sweep-the-Arms back to I.  Polaroid mastered this cadence. He will have to be the spell check

At 5:55 am – Gunner led the Pax to Memorial Park’s rose garden for a little circuit exercises. Pax Started at the sidewalk at the round-about and did this:

Start – 3 Burpees

Stop spot 1 (first grassy square) 20 IC LBCs

Stop spot 2 (Central Fountain) Bear Crawl across the span

Stop spot 3 (second grassy square) 20 WW1 Sit Ups

End spot (at Underwood) – 3 Burpees and run back to Start

Rinse and repeat

Omaha Called at 6:08 am

Announcements – CSAUP; Heartland Hope Volunteering and First Friday Lunch

Prayers – Healing for injuries

COT – Jeeves shared personal information about himself with the group.  Gunner closed out with a prayer.

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