Back Blast: Heatwave
Date: 2022.01.07

AO: The Armory

Pax: Mufasa, Escobar, Gator, Barndoor, Unicycle, Cheap Seats, Griswold, Truly, Chip and Dale, Lite Brite, Obi-wan, Stallion, Phantom (Wait a second weren’t you named Phantom Menace?), Kobayashi, Dr. Thunder, Pain Killer, Blades of Glory, Yogi, Armbar, Nelly, T-Ball, Slick, Ozark (Respect!), Wait Time (Respect!), Fine Print, Tonight Show

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: 9 degrees, very mild breeze feels like closer to 0 but honestly, completely balmy after the last couple days.

YHC arrived early to get coupons rolled out and have everything set up.  I knew we would be doing partner work and there 9 coupons so surely we wouldn’t have more than 18 HIM.  F3 Omaha never disappoints.  You HIM show up in force and it warms a guy’s heart.  When Gator is present the confidence level is high that more coupons will show up and sure enough, there was plenty to account for each man when it was said and done.

As 05:30 turned over, YHC welcomed 26 HIM to the gloom.  The mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer were issued.  No FNGs were present so it was time to mosey.  The pax took the footpath across the bridge then turned west towards the baseball fields where a strange WaR took place.


  • SSH out loud for 11 silent to 21 – There is a good chance the Q miscounted this one as I started daydreaming.  (Though it is easier and WAY more fun to blame Mufasa)
  • Tappy Taps * 10IC
  • Blades of steel * 12IC
  • Tater Taps * 12IC
  • Michael Phelps * 10IC

Once this was out of the way the pax set out on a mosey again to the picnic area.  We had to jump a gate which YHC had not planned on being there so all pax picked their poison to jump either the rickety gate or the sturdy fence.  Hopefully, everyone remembered the disclaimer from the beginning.


We stopped for pre-thang at the picnic tables (which was a lot darker than I anticipated) where a warrior merkin circuit was served up. In the dark one exercise was skipped, but it went something like this.

  • Howl at the moon * 7
  • Touch hand merkin * 7
  • Knee to chest merkin * 7
  • Side Plank merkin * 7
  • Diamond merkin * 7
  • Plyometric merkin * 7
  • Standard merkin * 7

Pax continued the mosey past the flags while grabbing the extra needed coupons and ending at the recycling containers. (Last time I saw those containers they were OVERFLOWING with recycling!!! It was terrifying to see the amount of cardboard that was present.) 

The Thang:

Each pax grabbed a partner.  

Partner 1 would carry the coupon to the lite cone 20 yeards away and perform 3 exercises before returning to relieve their partner.

  • Copperhead curls * 12
  • Squat thrusts * 10
  • Blockees * 8

Partner 2 would bear crawl, crab walk, lunge, broad jump (whatever method of traversal you choose) 10 yards between 2 markers.  At one marker they would complete 3 merkins and the opposite marker 10 LBCs IC.

Mumble chatter increased as hoped for and Mufasa even noted he was sweating. (Yes! Mission accomplished!  I hope the pre-runners managed to stay warm as well.)

Omaha was called at 06:06 and all HIM graciously offered to carry coupons to my car despite my protests that I could drive my car over to pick them up on the way out. (I love this group)


Keep your partner and pax completed 15 Booyah Big Boys and finally 15 leg throwdowns and flapping jacking with your partner to end the morning.


YHC delivered this message another time but it was way better to give next to a tank!  The men of F3 mean so much to me and this is great for my thoughts about what our relationships should be characterized as.

It has been said that female friendships can be pictured as two women facing one another, while male friendships can be symbolized as two men standing side by size, looking outwards.

When the church is on mission, men, out of sheer necessity and love for their families and fellow man, will act more manfully. When the deception of peacetime is exposed, men will see snipers shooting at their brothers through pornography. They will see missiles of worldliness fired at their children. They will see the serpent trying to entangle their wives in barbed wires. And they will see souls being lost daily under this present darkness. Their manliness will forbid passivity. They will button up the uniform and go to war.

And wisdom will teach them not to charge in alone. “Surrounded with millions of foes without, and infected with a legion of enemies within,” we will have need for men in our lives to warn us of land mines, encourage us when we’re exhausted, and drag us to safety when we have been hit.

When we are convinced that we stand in a war zone, invading a contested beach against spiritual forces of evil, we will not be content to only gather for the ballgame or work on home projects. We will meet to study God’s word. We will meet to pray together. We will meet to discuss our struggles, victories, aspirations, and ambitions.

We will stay in contact throughout the week. We will strategize. We will help each other amputate limbs. We will speak hard truths to one another. We will laugh together. We will bleed together. We will survive together. Their struggles will become our struggles, and their souls will be part of our responsibility.

I firmly do not believe that life is intended to be lived like war is going on all the time but neither do I believe that we should lose our edge or approach life passively.  Thank you all for being such a big part of my growth and making me a sharper man.


  • 1st Friday 2nd F at Cunninghams.


  • Schrute’s daughter
  • Wait Times family
  • Chiclets
  • All the guys doing Impact this weekend


Always proud to be part of this group


Tonight Show

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