1-7-2022 0515 AO: Combine Weather: 2°, calm -9° windchill

PAX: BetaMax, Barbershop, Beiber, Kill Switch

QIC: Rollbar

It was a small but mighty group at the Combine on a cold morning that somehow felt like a heatwave! A couple of pre-runners came in with a couple of minutes to spare, promptly at 0515 YHC called the Beatdown to order, sharing the Mission, Core Principles, and Disclaimer, confirming that there were no FNGs present we quickly started Warm-O-Rama. 


  • Side Straddle Hop x20IC
  • High Knees x20IC
  • Mountain Climbers x20IC
  • Cherry Pickers x20IC

The Q led the PAX to the wall of the school for a little Pre-Thang wall work. 

Pre-Thang-Wall Fun

  • Wall Sit for 30 Count
  • Donkey Kicks x20
  • Australian Mountain Climbers x15IC
  • Chicken Peckers x15IC
  • Balls to The Wall 30 Count

Shoulders burned and snot pooled in sinuses, but all survived. With that out of the way, it was time for the Thang! 

Thang-BLIMP Laps

Run 1 lap- Complete all exercises (Rinse and repeat)

Burpees x15

Lunges x15IC

Imperial Walkers x15IC

Merkins x15

Pickle Pushers x15IC

The advantage of the smaller group is that we were able to do the work together, the PAX completed 3 laps and sets, then it was time Mary. 


  • Sweat Angels x15IC
  • Head and toes Situps x20 on UP
  • American Hammers (Rancid style)


“…think strategic. now, this is a military term, strategic in the military means big picture it means long term. Strategic in military terms is where you are going to end up. 

The opposite is tactical thinking, which again in the military means short-term thinking, it means it means immediate action. the differentiator for me is thinking long term versus thinking short term, and I believe that this thinking long term, this thinking strategic is one of the most, if not the most, important concepts a person can consider in order to improve themselves and improve their lives.

short term thinking encourages you to make short-term emotional decisions that hurt you in the long run, and they definitely don’t move you toward your overall strategic goals. 

the more short-term decisions you make, decisions that are based on that immediate gratification, decisions based on quick emotional satisfaction, and even based on involuntary chemical releases in your body that dopamine hit, the further from the path you will stray. 

So what I’m saying is don’t do that, instead, think strategic, think long-term. Act strategically, take action that improves your long-term position and moves you toward your long-term goals….

you are your own leader. Give yourself the mission and explain the why behind those Goals. write those things down in simple clear concise language,… read it every day until it is embedded in your brain consciously and subconsciously…

 and do not lie to yourself don’t rationalize, don’t negotiate. That is where discipline comes from, discipline is rooted in the truth we tell ourselves.

~Jocko Willink (YOUTUBE)

My takeaways:

  • Have a Strategic plan
  • Make Tactical decisions that further the plan
  • Be truthful to yourself
  • Be disciplined as you work towards your goals

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