PAX:  Baby Shoes, Gump, Fine Print, Ketch up, Lite bright, Gator, Griswold, Speed square, Obi-Wan, Tonight Show, Mufasa, Hard Hat, Truely, Sister Act, Barn Door, Sweet sweet, Escabar, Nelly, Cheap Seats, Blades of Glory:

Q: Blades of Glory

Preblast of “It gets the Pax member going” worked out well.  20 Pax members showed up. Yeah 20 it was cold and the Glue is sticking in the Gloom.  I think we had about 8-9 for the Pre-run as well so T-Claps guys.   With some pre blast banter with Plague on where to post (he said he was giving out gift card, but they also did 120 Burpees).  Those who chose wisely posted but those who choose wisely’est’  joined the Force with Obi-Wan and 19 others at the Main Stage….

Back story…. Blades of Glory stopped by the Millard South Main Stage Tuesday evening to make sure the stairs were not still full of ice from the new year’s snow storm.  However he was met with an opportunity. A locked gate.  So he looked for other options and fields but he found opportunities aka “locked gates” at all of the fields.  So with this new information Blades decided to make an Audible play in case it was still locked in the morning and good thing Blades did because the gate was still locked at 5:25 AM.

Warm A rama:

Blades grabbed speakers and tried to jam out but spotify sure has a lot of commercials when you do the free option.  Headed to HS and wanted to use the Building for some wind protection however there was a fan over at this particular random spot Blades picked and made it very hard to hear… 

Side Straddle hop 15 IC, Imperial Walkers 15 IC, Inch Worm 5

TABATA :Burpees  8x 20 sec on 10 sec rest so 4 min totals 2:40 sec work1:20 sec rest.

Due to Fine Prints specific request of “Hey brother, Wednesday is my birthday so I request no burpees at our Mainstage Q 😂.”    So yes Happy 38th Birthday Fine Print.

Thang: It was close to a 2 mile run with stops along the way… 

Mosie:  Went to the North wall of MSHS where we lined up for some shoulder & leg work out.  

Chicken peckers 15 IC, Donkey Kicks 15, Donkey Kicks w/ Durkin 5, 30 count wall sit by Speed Square

Mosie:  Across the street to Walnut Grove Park for the record Blades was the first to head over to Walnut Grove Park.  We made it to a covered patio and held a plank until the 6 came in.   Well somewhat I think ½ of the PAX is like why are we so far away from our vehicle, is this safe, also in the covered patio there was black ice, the only black ice we noticed and Blades led us straight to it.   

 IT was cold so the goal was always to keep moving.

Monkey Humpers 20 IC, Guerilla Humpers 15 IC , Monkey Humpers right side 15 IC, Monkey Humpers Left side 15 IC, Air Squat 20 of them IC, 

Moise:  Across a little bridge to the playground where there were plenty of benches to do some Dips, Durkins, and Abee work out. 

Dips 20, Durkin 20, Box Cutter 20 IC, Dips 20, Durkin 20, Rosaletta 20 

Moise:  back up the hill back to the stop light where we did lunges until the 6 came in.  Then we played frogger as we crossed the street.  Disclaimer was yelled out to cross Q street at your own risk.

Continued to flags where we proceeded with….

Marry:  20 Frozen Freddies,15  Heels to Heaven, then Hammers… Rancid style…

Prayer request announcements:

Pax members headed to retreat, those in quarantine, 

Ketchup noted its not getting any warmer so proceeded to COT

Due to Blades of Glory’s highly emotional state he just basically passed on this time around of COT.  Still thankful for the group.  You can go faster alone but further together.  Glad for the f3 community.  

IF I haven’t filled out the Pax Plan or joined a Shield Lock please do it, it’s life changing and so thankful for mine. If you are not sure how to start one or have questions, just ask around. We all want to continue to do ourselves Good.  


Blades of Glory

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