Betamax, Toadstool, Othello, Smashhouth, Folsom, Ruckspin, Sportiva, Spacebar, BloodShot, Blackflag, Romeo, Wentworth, Samples, Q-tip, Swinger (Q)

5:31  15 PAX met at shovel flag as Swinger came in hot -9 degree windchill.  Tclaps to BetaMax who wasted no time taking Q spot promptly at 5:30.  Relieved of duty at 5:31

Pillars were already discussed and mission statement.

Short mosey to the stage.

The warm up:

sidestradle hop 20 IC

Sungods 10 f 10b

Mountain climbers 20IC

Smurfjacsk 10IC

sidestradlehop 20 IC 10outload 10silent 

Burpee 5 for not all stopping on a dime


Mosey to gazebo- 11-1 with partner 11 buddy (high-five) burpee- 1 pullup partner help.

Swinger and partner Beta got to 6 burpee and called Omaha, a solid nonstop go to warm up.

PAX grabbed weights and farmer walked to indoor garage parking second level


3 rounds of 7 reps 3 exercises

pushup rows, chest flys, goblet squat

ran up and level and back

straight leg dead lift to waist, waist to shoulder press snatch, shoulder flys

ran up a level and back

chest press, big boys, oh yeahs


Pax gathered in stairwell for breath exercise aka hippie breathing.  Paranyama breaths close one nostril, breath in, close the opposite nostril, breath out nostril x 10 and switched nostrils for inhale and exhale x 10

4×4 box breathe- breath in for 4 seconds hold breath for 4 seconds exhale for 4 seconds hold breath for 4 seconds.

X 10 the 4 second count was lengthened as we neared 10.

Safe to say the PAX “melted”  

COT: LOVE LOVE LOVE.  While being a man for others is an awesome way to be humble and express your love for others.  Keep in mind to love yourself, too.  A philosophy to fill your cup full, treat yourself, better yourself, respect yourself, it is not selfish to do so. When the love cup overflows it will fill the cups of those loved ones around you- those Ms, kids, best friends, family will recognize the work you put into yourself and the love you give will be that much more potent “100proof”.  The more love you give the more love you get.


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