1/4/22 Colosseum/Westside High School – 29 degrees, wind 10 MPH,
<1” of snow cover

20 PAX: Tin Cup, Fester, Ditty, Lansbury, Hot Dog, Honeymaid, Captain
Planet, Ice T, Black Lung, Q-tip, Sportiva, Skidz, Sweet Roll, Bloodshot,
Hat Trick, Samples, Lucky Charms, Tugboat, MMMKay, YHC.
QIC: Oompa

Oompa welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30 AM. The Mission
Statement, Disclaimer, 5 Core Principles, and modified motto, “leave
no man behind AND leave no man where you found him”, were given.
An inquiry about FNGs was also made, but no FNGs were in
attendance. The PAX then moseyed to the largest non-snowy patch on
the track and circled up for warm-ups.
● Stretched and did the following exercises:
oTappy Taps IC x 22
oBig Ones IC x 15
oAbe Vigodas IC x 15
Pre Thang
Chain Run
● Pax lined up on the track with YHC at the head of the line. PAX
did a clydesdale-pace chain run around the track in the following
oThe first runner peeled off into the infield
oDid 5 Burpees
oRan to to join the back of the line
oOnce that PAX caught the back of the line, they yelled
“SIX!”, signalling the leader to peel off again
oRepeated until all PAX members did burpees
Chain run was done at a very Oompa-friendly pace and PAX were able
to get in some good mumble chatter as they did 3 laps around the
track. Oompa then adjourned the PAX to the non-snowy patch for a
The Thang
Teams of 4 PAX alternated between the following workouts:
● 2 PAX ran a circuit of the track, up the stadium stairs, across the
top, back down, and back to the Champions Plaza
● 2 PAX rinsed and repeated the sets of exercises as follows at the
Champions Plaza:
○ Set 1:
■ 20 Merkins
■ 22 Mountain Climbers IC
■ Rinse/Repeat
○ Set 2:
■ 20 Dips
■ 22 Incline Merkins
■ Rinse/Repeat
○ Set 3:
■ 20 Side Straddle Hops
■ 22 Plank Jacks
■ Rinse/Repeat
○ Set 4:
■ 20 WWI Situps
■ 22 Low Dollys IC
■ Rinse/Repeat
○ Set 5:
■ 20 Apollo Onos
■ 22 Sumo Squats
■ Rinse/Repeat
○ Set 6:
■ 20 Imperial Walkers IC
■ 22 High Knees IC
■ Rinse/Repeat
The 4-man-2-man grinder was a great opportunity for the PAX to get in
some chatter, as the running/stairs portion of the workout was rather
long. Most teams completed Set 3 of the workout, with a few that
started on Set 4 before Omaha was called at 6:05 AM. PAX moseyed,
again, to the non-snowy patch and circled up for Mary.
● Reverse Tabletop Extensions X 15 (in honor of injured Scoober)
● WWI Situps X 15

20 PAX in attendance, including YHC.
Announcements and Prayers
CSAUP 1/29/22. MABA Challenge. Prayers for Oompa’s grandma who is
in hospice in South Dakota.
“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it
yet?” -Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
New Year’s is often a time of both reflection and goal-setting for the
year. I encouraged the PAX to remember and be encouraged that, like
Anne Shirley said, (today) is a new day with no mistakes in it yet. As
men, we tend to dwell on mistakes at work, at home, with money, with
substances, with food, with exercise, etc. F3 helps give us a running
start (lol) to each day and invigorates us to tackle our lives head-on to
continue improving.
I encouraged the PAX to look at each day as a fresh start (as opposed
to a New Year) and only dwell on mistakes of the past if you are
learning something from them.

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