Jan 3 2022 / Westside Career Campus
AO: The Octagon
Q: Golden Pike
PAX: Baby Shoes, Sister Act, Romeo, Mahomes, Black Flag, GTA, Grillz, Bloodshot, Spacebar, Rollbar, Borland, Khakis, Mufasa, Slow Pitch, Blades of Glory, Toadstool, Retweet, Polaroid, Wentworth
Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.

We moseyed to the parking lot by the playground. Had some of the PAX lead us into different exercises. Romeo lead us in some cherry pickers, Borland lead us in some SSH and I lead us into tappy taps.
Lit up some tunes on my bluetooth speaker. As Metallica was playing had the PAX partner up and we did a two-man grinder where the partners chose what 100 exercises they’d do while one of them ran 50 yards to the cement barriers and did burpees over the wall. There was lots of mumblechatter.
The Thang
Arranged 6 cones – 5 cones in a star pattern with the 6th in the middle. Had the PAX break up into three teams. Each team started at a different point. QIC instructed the PAX to do the exercise at the point and then come to the middle to do the burpees and then move on to the next cone in a clockwise manner.

22 burpees

Station #1:
22 Tempo Merkins
Station #2:
22 Box cutters
Station #3:
22 Squat jumps
Station #4:
22 Groiners
Station #5:
22 Apollo Onos

All in all, we did 132 burpees..
Ended with 22 WW1 situps and Rancid-style American hammers. I think I heard some sighs of relief.

In chapter 3 of “The Culture Code” by Daniel Coyle, he talks about the Christmas Truce of 1914. During WWI the troops stopped all their fighting along the western front and actually came together for celebration of the Christmas holiday. Soldiers that had been shooting at each other for months suddenly stopped their fighting and enjoyed a time of peace and harmony with one another. Germans were seen carrying Christmas trees over their heads to the British side. The Brits and the German actually sang songs and clapped and cheered for each other. They shared drinks and smokes.

Coyle said that this was not just some sudden phenomenon that arose out of a sudden influx of holiday spirit. Because in many other regions, there wasn’t this type of sudden truce that was decided by the foot-soldiers spontaneously. Christmas didn’t just magically make them gracious all of a sudden. Instead, Coyle says, the soldiers had for weeks had many tiny interactions with each other that projected safety and vulnerability which culminated in the Christmas Truce. For one, they were encamped in many spots only 100 feet from each other – sometimes less. They would hear each other laughing and singing in their camps. When there were wounded, many of the lines would not shoot at the opposing army’s medics. There’d be enemy soldiers helping carry the dead to the enemy lines sometimes. It was all the acts of cruelty they refrained from and the little kindnesses they showed each other that lead them to feel safe enough to be vulnerable.

My conclusion to this is that if we possibly shun the powers that be and the hate they feed us – if we refrain from cruelty and embrace kindness – there is hope for peace in our divided society. F3 Nation gives me hope this is possible. It is not easy, but it’s worth it.

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