Top Rope / 29 Dec 2021
14 PAX: Rollbar, Z-bo, Da Kine, Scoober, Oompa, Duster, Supafly, Retweet, LPC, Ketchup, Grease Fire, Armbar, Slow Pitch
QIC: Doppler/Jeeves
Lots of planning went it to this one. Jeeves had the Q and was excited to have a Batman themed beatdown that was sure to be a great time. He had plenty of fun, chaos, celebrating, dancing, and just enough hard work to make sure we got our money’s worth. The plan was for Jeeves to be batman, Slow Pitch to be Robin, and I was asked to play the only Batman villain I was tall enough to qualify for, The Penguin!!!!
I planted the shovel flag at 520 and checked my phone to see if Jeeves had replied to my “good morning” text. I saw he had just replied that he had just woken up… I called him up to see where he was at and if he thought he would still make it. He was pretty bummed that he had overslept because he was so excited to lead this morning. I assured him that I could handle leading the workout and would do so in the spirit of his planned festivities. He assured me that he would meet us up for coffee and not speed or rush himself to get there.
Missing a Q happens to the best of us. When it does it sucks. We feel embarrassed that we didn’t make there for whatever the reason. We are let down that we don’t get the chance to lead the PAX that we love and respect. It sucks, I was really bummed for Jeeves to miss the Q, but the SHOW must go on so I put my suit and tie on practiced my evil villain voice and headed back towards the shovel flags ready for whatever shenanigans I could conjure up
At 530 I stepped into the middle of the Circle I was suited up and looking for trouble. I let the PAX know that I would be in charge today and that like any good villain I was not going to be very nice to them. I let them know we had 5 core principles, a mission statement, a credo, I also said I was a professional at hurting people so they needed to be extra careful.
Mosey around the school and back to the black top
15 SSH (Jumping Jokers)
10 Inch worms (Poison Ivys)
10 High Knees (Laser jumps)
Penguin waddles (1 time around the circle walk like a penguin)
Prethang: Rollbar ruck themed
Group Splits into 2 teams. Each team was given a large duffle bag presumably full of stolen money. Team ten lunges to the far corner of the school taking turns carrying the unnecessarily heavy bag on their shoulders. Once they reached the corner everyone took turns doing burpee bag throw-overs. They were terrible. Even though I am a greedy villain I contemplated asking if we could dump some of the money out of the bags to make this easier. Unfortunately I was surrounded by a bunch of tough guys who insisted on persevering.
After we all took our turn doing the 5 burpees we lunged again to the front of the school where we all took turns doing 5 squats. These were still terrible because the bags were heavy but luckily penguins have notoriously short and strong legs, so I was able to survive.
The Thang
Before Rollbar got any more funny ideas about doing another lap I took charge and got things back into my wheelhouse. I decided like any good villain I would be well served with a little back-up so I called upon my other villains to help me subdue the PAX.
Mr. Freeze: 20 Frozen Freddies
Riddler (This guy is always raising his hand asking questions): 20 Bobby Hurleys
Penguins: 20 IC Heel Touches
Cat Woman: 20 Dive Bombers (Meow on the Down)
Mad Hatters: 20 Cherry Pickers
Two Faces 20 Merkins, Roll Over to Big Boys
Slow Pitch Saves the day!!!!!
At this soon to be infamous Slow Pitch was taught to the PAX. It consists of a SSH into a lunge and underhand pitching motion. Each PAX was handed a baseball and the Penguin waddled slow past the line of HIM as they slow pitched their baseballs at me. I was hit with 6 baseballs which resulted in 6 burpees for all of us.
10 Penguins
Rancid Style American Heroes/Hammers
Announcements and Prayers
Impact retreat 6-8 January
CSAUP January 29th
We all missed having Jeeves at the beatdown this morning for lots of different reasons. I was excited to help him lead this group of men. Jeeves loves F3 and he leans in hard to the PAX and in return I lovingly refer to Jeeves as the F3 Omaha hype-man. My favorite hype man was Ben Carr of the Mighty Mighty Bostones a Ska Band from the 90s. They had this guy who was up on stage just pumping up the crowd and dancing during every concert. I love the energy Jeeves brings every morning he is always happy to see everyone and he always puts me in a good mood. I know that we all have different reasons to come out into the gloom but I hope whatever or whoever your’s is that you think about it today and maybe reach out that person today and let them know why they are so special to you.

Jeeves AKA Batman did show up to coffee and gave his own COT. It was great to see him

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