Monday morning was a brisk morning where 10 HIM worked to build both endurance and agility aka salt and pepper. 

PAX: Bovine, Sportiva, Polaroid, Hoser, Dollface, Blackjack, Jeeves, Othello, U-Haul, Spaghetto

Warmarama (10 minutes)

⁃ mosey to the football field

⁃ Side straddle hop (jumping jacks)

⁃ Tappy taps

⁃ Good mornings

⁃ Lung and holds

Salt: Set 1 on the football field 15 minutes 

After the warmarama, the PAX paired up and while one partner ran from the pathway to the opposite side of the side line the other began their MURPH inspired workout. 

200 murkins/knees

200 jump squats/air squats

200 BBC/V crunch

200 lunges/air lunges

200 mountain climbers/mountain steps

The PAX accomplished the murkins and squats and after about 100 BBC the PAX was eager for some pepper. 

Pepper: Set 2 basketball court (8 minutes)

While partner 1 accomplished AMRAP of pull ups/knee lifts/or dangle partner 2 performed the agility drill around three-quarters of the court to relieve their partner. 

(Agility Drill: Back pedal to cone, shuffle to other cone, sprint to finish) 

Cool down (5 minutes)

⁃ mosey back

⁃ Standing hamstring stretch

⁃ Hammer crunches


For my V-Q I have to give a shout out to Dome for getting me out here. He brought me out in June before my family and I moved back home to Omaha. Moving back home this early was never the plan and frankly, I was nervous. I was nervous about the community I was losing and re-establishing a group of people that would push me. F3 has been the exact community I have been looking for and I am so grateful that Dome got me here. 

This time of year is so focused on goal setting and changing the habits in our lives to better but the focus oftentimes is on what we are not. I find myself setting goals to change who I am, not what I want to become. This year, I want to be proud of the man I see in the mirror and use the brotherhood of F3 to push me to become the greatest version of myself. My hope is that we continue to push ourselves to not change but grow as we move into 2022.

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