Saturday, Jan. 1 | The Oracle | Boys Town | -17 Wind Chill

PAX(21): Pantyhose (actually Tube Socks), Tube Socks (actually Pantyhose), Thomas, Doppler (Boop), Jeeves, Al Boreland, Waterboy, Slow Pitch, Khakis (Respect), Cheap Seats, Skybox (FNG), Oompa, Vandelay (Respect), Tugboat (Toot Toot), Ozark (Respect), Gator (Chomp), Armbrah, Beaver, Pothole, Nailed It, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

Pre-Run: Cheap Seats, Skybox, Vandelay (Respect), Slow Pitch, Sparty

Welcome to 2022 Men! I was honored that Tater asked me to fill in for him this morning. It was a very cold morning as the wind was whipping in from the north, but the expected snow was pushed back a few hours. As the Pre-runners hesitantly stumbled out of their vehicle, there was a level of respect for the ruckers who had been there since 6am and out of site. As 7am approached, the PAX were flooding in and there were a couple comments about guys getting Sparty and Pantyhose mixed up. I was very flattered by these comments!

7am arrived, “Welcome to F3!” We then kindly applauded the FNG for coming out on such a cold morning, and praised Cheap Seats for EH’ing him. I then took the men through our mission statement, 5 Core Principles, and shared disclosures – I am not a professional so please modify as necessary, and I understand it’s cold this morning. Listen to your bodies and if you feel that you are getting frost bite, make the necessary changes. My goal is today was to keep the men moving so they didn’t get cold standing around, so it was time to get moving. We took nice mosey south with the wind behind us. Slow Pitch was anxiously waiting to find out if I was going to take the men east to 132nd St, which he was ready to tackle me if that happened. We made our way to the south practice football field, and lined the men up on the goal line.


  • 3-man grinder – 20 yards apart, 2 men AMRAP an exercise with the 3rd man pushes the next guy
    • SSH
    • High Knees
    • Imperial Walkers

Big One led this WAR on Thursday and I loved it! He shared that he learned it from Vandelay (Respect) previously. While I was excited to try it out for one of my Q’s, today seemed like the perfect opportunity as the theme today was to “Keep Moving.” There was soft mumblechatter throughout the field which was glorious to hear, and everyone was actively moving. After an undetermined amount of time, I let the men “Recover,” and asked them to make there way to the track.


  • 2-man burpee mile – very simple, one man runs a lap around the track while their partner performs burpees until they return. Then they switch upon the runners return. Continue on this pattern until the 2 men combine for 4 laps (1 mile)

I’ll never forget one of my first posts at the Spike back in 2019, Wait Time (Respect) had us do this as a Pre-Thang. It sucked, and I loved it. Everything seemed to be going well until we got to about 200M and the wind punched us in the teeth. As the first lap was coming to an end, 2 men had showed up (late) and joined us. I applaud them for even finding us! And Jeeves and Oompa were present. One of the great things about this Pre-Thang is that this gives the opportunity that Armbrah loves the most, mumblechatter while AMRAPing exercises. The man loves fellowship, and I love my Wrastling Coach. So give the man what he wants. I knew Jeeves and Oompa were a little behind us, so we stopped after everyone else finished their mile. It was time to get to the Thang and protect the PAX from the wind. We took a mosey back north towards the gymnasium.


  • The Berm Debacle

Our man Tater was originally scheduled to be on the Q today, and given the beautiful weather conditions, we honored him with one of his most memorable Q’s (in my humble opinion). Last winter when we were at The Berm, there was a blistering north wind and nothing to stop it. So we thought. Then Tater decided to take us on a long mosey down to the lake where there was a little shack. The intention was great, and well appreciated. The net result was 2 of the 18 men were able to benefit from the blockage. Again, it is a shack. I then let the men know that I got us a very large building to do the job, and it didn’t disappoint. The routine was simple – 10 exercises that moved the entire body, 20 merkins (some variation each time), and 30 squat-like exercises. Then a short mosey away from the building and circling back. The highlights of this experiment were Slow Pitch leading us with his every exciting Kobiyashi’s (no ide if that’s what they’re called or how to spell it), consistent mumblechatter and giggles, Doppler’s Chuck Norris-only Merkins, Doppler’s hustle to always circle back and pick up the 6, Armbrah racing his Top Rope Successor, and all of Jeeves. As we reached 7:45am, Omaha was called. While I was trying to get the PAX to mosey around the west side of the gym, I had to break up the tea party around the corner from Khakis (Respect) and Slow Pitch. After we went around the side of the building and started our way back north, I found an extremely long wall that was very inviting.


  • Donkey Kicks – 20 count
  • Balls 2 the Wall – undisclosed time

We then mosey’d back to the shovel flags for Mary


  • Gas Pumpers 15 IC
  • Heel Touches 15 IC
  • American Hammers – Rancid Style: worth noting, Sparty skipped Tube Socks at the end on accident

Name-a-rama: Tube Socks got back at Sparty with switching names with PH. Jeeves had a performance for us. The PAX got to see YHC use the tip of his nose on his electronic devices so he didn’t have to take his gloves off.

FNG: I was fortunate to pre-run with our man this morning and learned that he likes riding motorcycles. I had planned on asking about that, and Cheap Seats also suggested that to me at one point. I was excited to see how this would go. Then magic happened……Before the FNG could even get a word out, both Armbrah and PH yelled out “SKYBOX!” I allowed him to share more. Asked what his favorite motorcycle was, hoping we could strike gold like we did with Redtail. His response wasn’t awesome (not his fault, just not a cool name of motorcycle), and so I quickly just pulled the trigger and went with Skybox. It was perfect and hard to ignore.

Announcements: Jan. 29 CSAUP, some of the vets encouraged the men to to plan on joining at the end of the month. Then guys were just talking about random stuff and I knew we needed to wrap things up.

COT: I started by sharing why we did the variety of exercises we did to pay honor to these great leaders we have. It’s always great to lean on men you look up to and learn from their example. The theme today was to Keep Moving (forward). Part of that was due to the weather. I knew that if I let you stand around, you would get cold. Apply this to 2022. A lot of shitty things happened last year. Don’t dwell on it, keep moving forward. You’re going to face more challenges this year and we need to be prepared to lean on our brothers and not give up. If your wife asks for a divorce, reach out to your brothers and Keep Moving. If you are struggling with alcohol or drug use, lean on your brothers and Keep Moving. If you are struggling with Covid, whether you personally get it or you’re dealing with the anxiety of it, talk to your brothers and Keep Moving forward. If your friend shows up to a house to fix a toilet and gets shot and killed, lean into the support of your brothers and Keep Moving Forward. This year is going to be awesome, if you Keep Moving forward.

Slow Pitch took us out in prayer with lovely words.



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