PAX: E-85, Bovine, Beeps, Black Lung, Grease Fire, Frosty, Ditty, Mr. Miyagi, Sportiva, FNG Wiber

Q: Gunner

Started at 5:30 am and welcomed the Pax and cited the F3 Mission statement, 5 Core Principles, “Modify as Necessary” disclaimer, and The Credo. We welcomed our FNG Wiber, Chuck Beckwith, Respect-Respect and immediately began the Warm-O-Rama / Pre-Thang.

Warm-O-Rama / Pre-Thang


15 IC Apollo Ohnos

15 Jump Squats

15 IC Butt Kickers

15 IC High Knees

15 IC Mummy Kicks

We performed the Warm-O-Rama / Pre-Thang  , first at the Shovel flag, secondly down by Creepy Corner and for a third time at the 6 &  8th tee box

After Warm-O-Rama / Pre-Thang, we moseyed down the cart path to perform The Thang

The Thang- Had 2 stations set up on the 8th fairway cart path. Station 1, Pax performed 10 merkins. They would run about 200 yards to Station 2 and perform the exercise listed.

20 Alarm Clocks

20 IC Mountain Climbers

20 IC Dying Cockroaches

15 IC Hydraulic Squats

20 Big Boy Sit Ups

20 Groiners

10 Turkish Get Ups

20 Bobby Hurleys

20 Pickle Pushers

20 Hi-Yas

20 IC Swimmers

After executing the (1) exercise, the Pax would run back to Station 1 and essentially Rinse and Repeat.

Omaha called at 6:03 am


American Hammers – 10 reps, 10-count rest, all around the circle

Announcements –



For Healing of everyone not feeling well.

Sportiva and His M’s baby.

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