Saturday, December 18th. 6am. Brisk. Feels like was around 10 degrees.

19 Pax: Simmons, GoldenPike, Ditty,Gipper, Chernobyl, IcyHot, GirlDad, Highlife, Knobs, TonyTheTiger, Trench, Ferdinand, FNG – Neutron, BabyBlue, FNG – TnT, EarTag, Nelly, Swiper & Firewalker.

PreRuns were completed – both 5 & 10k.

At 6am FW welcomed the pax to the Pit and informed the pax of the mission, purpose and credo of F3. It was no secret his intentions this day were evil and downright nasty. So much so he didn’t even modify the workout from last December. #Rinse&RepeatThatShit #NotAProfessional #ModifyAsNecessaryDisclaimer

Two new FNGs were standing in our midst. Boy were they in for a treat today.


⁃ Imperial Walkers

⁃ Windmills

⁃ Moroccan Night Clubs

⁃ Goofballs


Mosey around the park with few brief stops for exercise. Pax stopped at four different locations and partnered up. One pax hold held plank while other pax does 10 jump over burpees and the switched.

Thang – 12 Daze of Christmas

Instructions: 12 reps of each exercise. Builds like a ladder. Complete Day 1. Run down and back. Complete Days 1 & 2. Run down and back. All the way up to Day 12. The run was around 100yds.

o Day 1:  Alternating Shoulder Taps – IC

o Day 2:  Bobby Hurleys – On Down

o Day 3:  LBC’s – IC

o Day 4:  Carolina Dry Docks – On Down

o Day 5:  Monkey Humpers – IC

o Day 6:  Groiners – On Up

o Day 7:  Hand Release Merkins – On Down

o Day 8:  Alternating Knee Touches – IC

o Day 9:  Imperial Walkers – IC

o Day 10:  Diamond Merkins – On Down

o Day 11: Bonnie Blairs – IC

o Day 12:  Burpees – On Down

Omaha was called. Sighs of relief were expressed. We mosey’d back. Counted off.


I recently read a tweet from F3 Maximus. I believe from NW Arkansas region. It read: had lunch with a non-F3 friend; he asked about F3. I explained the textbook stuff and it didn’t matter to him. My passion mattered. My relationships mattered. Sharing F3’s influence in my life and how it’s vital in keeping me above water. He will post soon. SHARE YOUR STORY.

FW shared his story. Why I keep coming. My passion and encouragement of the men around me everyday. I’m not the same man I was 2 1/2 years ago. And that’s a good thing!



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