Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Parking lot near 132 & Pacific, Omaha, NE 

32 degrees ish,

Pre-Runner: Blades of Glory, Slick, Wentworth, Roxipin, Black Jack 

14 PAX: Blades of Glory, Slick, Room Service, Armbar, Roxipin, Black Jack, Big One, Wentworth, Roadhouse, Doppler, Kobayashi, convow, Pippen, Skipper,

QIC: Blades of Glory

Blades of Glory welcomed a total of 14 PAX to the Trident. He was still flabbered gassed from the pre-run and having 3 min to get 90’s speaker/coupon and get this show on the road.  It sounded like Blades has heard of the mission statement but didn’t know how to repeat it.  Maybe got 3 out of the 5 principles and don’t leave a guy behind saying.   No fng’s.

The PAX shuffled to the Grassy knoll roundabout.  


Side Straddle Hop – 10 IC  ,  Imperal Walkers 10IC,   Inch worms 5,   Tap tap tap 10

Thus concluded the warm-a-rama and grabbed the speaker to head to the parking garage where we meet at the top of the garage and explained the pre-thang.  Blades was asked “do we need to bring a Coupon?” the answer was no but answered if you want to carry then yeah.  No one grabbed a coupon.

Pre-Thang 24 Air Squats, 24 pushups, 24 lunges.  Run down the slope 4 burpees, run back and R&R.  

Thang:  Consisted of 3 stations work out was done in the grass knoll where the flags were planted with 3 stations as follows about 25 – 30 yards maybe?

 Station 1 (Push Group):  Murder Bunnies,  6 Blockies, Bunny Murders on the way back.  (you continue to do Blockies until the 6 is in   Then push.

Station 2.  Bear Crawls (30 Big boy sit ups) then crawl bears to (30 Frozen Freddies (IC)

Station 3.  40 Merkins,  Lunges,  40 Dips from the curb, THen Big Jumps back to) extended legs make it harder (twss)

Each group made it through the stations 2x then Omaha was called.  

American Hammer Rancid style 14 of them


Wait Time . Mother in law passed away

Broken bow wrested  comitted suicidal prayer for family and wrestling community

Doppler.  D3 Group meeting this Wednesday 

Blackjack.  Divorce for kids at church. 


Recently read a book Jesus and John Wayne:  How White evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation.  

Interesting book and not an uplifting one to say for sure But a questions I was asking myself was.  “What is a Christian Man?”…. Depends on who you ask what time period what movements were being put on and who you followed. John Eldridge wild at heart, or was it Joshua Harris who kissed dating goodbye, or John Mcarther, John Piper, or Mark Driscall (who do you think you are?)   Why not. Hacksaw Ridge.  “He does not believe in violence… he would not hold a gun… while other christian guys glorify Braveheart and almost the act of violence.  

I have more questions then answers.  And I know I need to stay vulnerable.  I call it leading with a limp and let my brothers help me when I am weak… Just like I can help them when they are weak.  Keep showing up and SYITG.

SkyQ Prayer:   Doppler took us out in prayer 

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