How will you GET BETTER in 2022? If you want 2022 to be a better year that 2021, you’ll need to get prepared and develop a plan of attack. F3 Men are always looking for ways to GET RIGHT. While others may abandon New Year’s Resolutions before Valentine’s Day, F3Omaha wants to help you sustain your plan to be a better man.

Developing values is an important exercise to create clarity, improve decision making and take your life to the next level.

F3Nation has several great resources to help you develop a focused plan for accelerating this next year. Check them out below!

Stuff Worth Trying podcast: episode 13: “One Word That Will Change Your Life”

Stuff Worth Trying podcast: episode 11: The 8-Block

Back in 2019, CSPAN shared a great tool to help the PAX maintain focus in the coming year.

Here is a 16 minute podcast from the F3Roundtable.

  • Listen to the podcast, “CSPAN Talks 2019 Planning,” on iTunes here.
  • Listen on SoundCloud here.

Download the worksheet, PAX PERSONAL PLAN

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