AO: 12/23 Futurama
Temp 31 & Starsy

Q: TubeSocksPAX:  Sticky Bandit, E-85, Stitches, Edison, Hoser, Doll Face, Mile High, Buns of Steel , 2-Step, Fester, Ruxpin, Hipster, Rooster, TubeSocksPAX met at shovel flags (there were none).

5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, and disclaimer, No FNG’s. Pax moseyed around memorial for

Side straddle hop, Tappy Taps, Big One’s, Tater TapsPre-thang-Mosey to bottom of Hill
Core with cardio 100 yd with Freddie, heel touches, dying cockroaches, planks

-Set cones 50 yards apart.
-Start at one cone as a group run to other cone, do exercise to 100 reps. Whoever finishes first yells a Holiday Themed name. then run to next cone.  Rinse and repeat. Bernie Sanders up hill.
Exercises: Big boys, lunges, merkins, LBC’s, squats, werkins, dying cockroaches, monkey humpers, cherry pickers Butpies Up Hill to finish it off.Mary: 1 round of American Hammers Rancid style.

Announcements and Prayers:
Pray for. Chiclets for a successful surgery and recovery.  Prayers for everyone during this holiday season.

Be kind to others.  Give every ounce of effort within you towards achieving whatever task you face.  Project undeniable positive energy.  You cannot lose- Marty Smith              
~Happy Holidays TubeSocks

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