Listen more, speak less

F3 – Fitness Fellowship and Faith

“Today we are focusing on the First F Fitness”

PAX present: Ferdinand, Borat, KOA, Duracell, Schrute, Sweetroll, Oblivious, Flowers, FNG (Goose), Arch, FNG (Kitty Cat), Animal House, Rooney, Girl Dad, Echo, Finney, Gobbler, Baby Shark, Levy, Frosty

QIC Grease Fire

Mission Statement

“To plant, grow and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”


“I am not a professional – all exercises are merely a suggestion, please modify as needed.  From this point on there is a real risk of injury so please be safe” 

5 Core Principles


        Open to all men

        Peer led

        Always outside

        End with COT (Circle of Trust)

Any FNG’s?

All the boring stuff out of the way we waited as the last FNG ran to join us, he was so excited to be in the gloom! Let’s mosey to the 50 and circle up at midfield.


After circling up we did

15 Cherry Pickers IC

15 Abe Vagoda, hip circles IC

15 Tater Taps IC


We counted off in fours

Four cones with lists under them placed around the football field

Station 1: 

         7 – T-Merkins

         14 – Tempo Merkin

         21 – Alternating Shoulder Taps

         28 – Werkins

         35 – Cherry pickers IC

Station 2: 

         7 – Cracker Jack

         14 – Jump Squat

         21 – Copperhead Squats

         28 – Air Squat

         35 – Johnny Dramas

Station 3: 

         7 – Freddy Mercury’s

         14 – Flutter Kicks

         21 – LBC

         28 – E2K

         35 – Heel Touches

Station 4: 

         7 – SSH

         14 – Imperial Walkers

         21 – Mountain Climbers

         28 – Hill Billies

         35 – Big Ones

After 7 trips around the stations we gathered around midfield for some Rancid Sarpy Slammers.


Announcements & Prayers:

COT:Jason Wilson, a martial arts instructor in Detroit, recently posted an interview of him and his wife. The interviewer asked a question about if she had a secret to getting a man to be more vulnerable. His wife answered, Be quiet and listen. She spoke of times when she felt the need to speak even when she knew he was upset, overwhelmed or anxious, listening to Spirit and remaining quiet until a time when she could minister to him instead of aggravating him.

We could all use this lesson in life. Listening can correct so many divisions. The world we live in is trying so hard to be heard yet so many of in society are talking and no one is listening.  Open your heart and your ears this week to listen and hear others.

Prayer – Grease Fire

Aye, Grease Fire

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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