Stinson Park AO / 29 degrees and calm

Q: Bloodshot

PAX: Spacebar, LightBrite, Peekaboo, WaitTime, Cyclone, Griswold, HardHat, Bovine, Santiago, TC, Edison, Sportiva, HatTrick, DollFace, BunsOfSteel, Hipster, Folsom, HoneyStinger, Stella, Smashmouth, Swinger, Wentworth, QTip, BetaMax, Samples.

Bloodshot welcomed and was welcomed by the incoming PAX promptly at 5:30am. He stated the mission of F3, 5 core principles, and disclaimer.

We got started with a mosey around the park to warmarama.


SSH x 15


Sun gods

High knees


Tappy taps

Tater taps

Mountain climbers

Exercises today would concentrate on a set of CONTRACTION (what we’re used to) and a set of the same exercises with NEGATIVE CONTRACTION (muscles lengthened under load). Think of Merkins as POSITIVE and tempo Merkins as NEGATIVE.

Each set was followed by run to the obelisk: forward after a positive set and back pedal for negative set.



Set 1: Shoulders

Military press

Deltoid raises/ flys

Carolina dry docks

Arnold press

Set 2: Arms

Static right / curl left

Static left / curl right

Tricep extension

Hammer curls

Set 3: Legs

Copperhead squats

Lunges right, left

Goblet squats

Set 4: Chest

Dumbell Merkins

Close grip Chest press

Chest fly

It sounded complicated but the PAX is clearly smarter than YHC. We completed the circuit and Omaha was called.


Flutter kicks #15

Heal touches #15

Elbow2Knee #10 each

No FNGs, announcements and prayers were shared – thank you


You’ve got enough.

Right about now my wife always asks if we have enough gifts for the kids. I remind her of how we could probably wrap some old toys and they wouldn’t notice.

You’ve got enough. I remember listening to the baby prep class stating that babies don’t need much. That they could sleep in a drawer. What they really need is feeling loved and attention.

The gift that I’ve been valuing more is the gift of time. The time with the PAX, with my family, with sky Q. Priceless. I thank the PAX for giving me their time and helping me understand mine. Aye!


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