Q: Yodel
PAX (17)
FNG: Da Kine
Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles. It was a nice chilly morning and Yodel made sure to bring extra coupons because some people always forget them ��. He made sure to keep the HIM excited and told them that they would soon find out who would bring the presents back home in Austria.

  • Warmarama
    • Mosey with the coupon to the hill
  • Pre-Thang
    • Song: 12 Days of Christmas:
    • Trigger: “Day of Christmas”
    • Even Numbers: Jump over the Coupon
    • Odd numbers: Burpee
    • Quick Feet in between exercises. Well, we didn’t really do quick feet as the blockees took a long time! That’s when everyone realized this will be a hard workout.
  • The Thang – Santa’s Sweat Shop:

The blockees we did were not enough, so the Thang started with those again!

HIM 1:
 50 Blockees
 100 Shoulder Tabs off the coupon
 150 Bench Presses w Coupon
 200 Curls for the girls w Coupon
 250 Squats w the Coupon
 300 Derkins off the Coupon

HIM 2: Murder Bunnies to the top – 10
Derkins – Rifle Carry back and
release HIM 1

Rinse and Repeat until Omaha

Exercise 4 – run back:
o HIM 1: 5 Merkins
o HIM 2: 1 Coupon in each hand. HIM 1 will try to catch him 2, then HIM 1
takes over and HIM 2 does 10 Merkins and tries to catch HIM 1
This will be done until we reach the shovel flag


  • Motivators:
    • 8 SSH not IC
    • 8 SSH not IC (only go half way up with your hands)
    • 8 SSH not IC without the arms
    • 8x jogging in place
    • Then, start from the top, but only do 7. You repeat all of this until you are down to only 1 rep

While we know Santa in Austria, we do things a little bit different. Christkind or baby jesus as you would say in English brings the gifts on the evening of the 24 th . Kids won’t see the tree until that evening and it truly leads up to a magical evening. At midnight we go to church to celebrate Jesus’ birthday! Yodel also shared another tradition called “Funken”. It’s a huge bonfire with a witch on top of it (filled with some explosives) Every year we do this to get rid of the evil winter ghosts and welcome the next season, Spring, into our homes! This is a huge event happening before Easter in every town in my home state Vorarlberg.

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