PAX: Mufasa, Gator, Ruxpin, Vlasick (Respect), Lincoln Logs (Respect, Respect – Happy Birthday!), Ketchup, Ozark (Respect), Obi-wan, Truly, Bob Ross, Bambi, Unicycle, Sasquash, Hard Hat, Mr. Miyagi, Lite Brite, Barn Door

Q: Barn Door

17 PAX arrived to the chilly Gloom and received the welcome and disclaimer as well as the Mission and Motto. 

Warm-a-rama consisted of 15 IC each: SSH, Tappy Tap, Imperial Walkers, and Cherry Pickers in the large grass area near the shovel flags.


We indian run moseyed along the path to the Southwest. We started in two single file lines which ended up devolving into small groups for the return run. We ventured out about 1 mile with 3 pain stations along the way. There was LOTS of mumble chatter along the way. This just tells me it was a good beatdown!

Station 1:

  • Merkins – 20
  • Makhtar N’Diays – 20 IC
  • Shoulder Blasters – 10 IC each
    • (Sun Gods forward/back, Moroccan Nigh Club, Chinooks, Shoulder press, Seal clasp, overhead claps, Cherry pickers)

Station 2:

  • Plank – 1 minute
  • Back plank – 1 minute
  • Bear hold – 1 minute
    • Bear crawl position with knees just off ground.

Station 3:

  • Al Gore – 1 minute
  • Monkey Humpers – 20 IC
  • Mucho Lego – 20 each
    • (Narrow squats, regular squats, wide squats, Bonnie Blairs)

“Omaha” was called and the PAX returned the 1 mile distance back to the shovel flags. 

6MOM consisted of Freddy Mercuries (20 IC), Flutter Kicks (20 IC), and Hammers, Rancid Style.

Circle of Trust:

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come for a store, Maybe Christmas means a little bit more”

  • Dr. Suess

We all may have a little different meaning for Christmas. Whether it is family, Jesus, or something else, go enjoy that thing this week. Spread positivity!


Barn Door

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