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Pax: Cosmo, Griswold, Othello, Wentworth, Huffy, Folsom and YHC: U-Haul

[0530] The Opener (2min) Good Morning! Welcome to The Mess Hall and to F3.” Presented the 3 F’s of F3, stated the mission statement of F3, and the 5 core principles. No FNG’s. The Credo. “My name is U-Haul and we’re movin.”

[0532] Mosey to the soccer pitch.

[0535]Warm-a-rama (2 min)


12-Tappy Taps(IC)

10-Big Ones(IC)

20-Sun Gods(IC)

12-Sit Thrus(IC)

[0537]Mosey WEST on the trail that loops back around to the basketball court behind school.

The Pre-thang (6-8 min) From the Bottom to the Top.

Pair up with partner. Start at the court you’ll both run up the hill together and do you’ll do 10 low-five partner merkins at the top of the hill. (Demonstrate) Both sprint back down to the basketball court except One partner stays at the basketball court and AMRAPS burpees while the other partner runs down and does a set of 4 or 5 pull ups on bars on the playground. When your partner comes back up you’ll BOTH run up the hill for 10 low-five partner merkins and back down so the other partner can do burpees and the other runs to do pull ups. Keep going until you get to 50 burpees combined.

[0545] The Thang (15-20 min) Push Groups/Stations “Modified skipping station 3.”

Count off in groups of 3. Push Stations. Each group starts at the corresponding station. Station 4 – Push Station at Stairs. At other stations, you will move through the exercises on the sheet in either 15 or 20 reps. It’s on the sheet. If you are pushed before you are finished, return to that spot and continue through the sheet. Rinse and Repeat until Omaha.

Station 1: Wall Nut Station – 15 reps each   -(IC)Aussie Mountain Climbers -(U)Donkey Kicks -(IC)People’s Chair-Overhead clap in Wall sit -(IC)Chicken Peckers -(IC)Plank Jacks   Rinse and Repeat  Station 2:  Playground – 20 reps each   – (D) Jump Squats – (IC) Flutter Kicks – (IC) Monkey Humpers – (D) Squats – (U) Big Boys – (IC) High Knees – (D) Bobby Hurley’s – (IC) LBC’s    Rinse and RepeatStation 4. Push Station:   Pick up a coupon and go up the stairs and come back down.   Push to station 1.  

[0605] Omaha call. Mosey back to Shovel Flags. 

[0608] No Mary

[0610] Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, FNG’s:


No Beatdown on Christmas Day. BUT Sunday POP-UP, at The Farm we got a Santa Saunter 5:00am-10k, 5:30am-5k, 6:00am-Beatdown by Khakis.


  • Keep Huffy’s M in your thoughts as this is the first Holiday season without her father.
  • Thinking of all those during this Holiday season that are going through stressful and difficult times
  • Keep Wide Right’s family in your thoughts as they recently lost his Uncle.

COT: Anyboy listen to The Glue-oom Podcast lately?

I was listening to Slow Pitch’s interview on The Glue-oom and sometimes, someone can say something that will hit you like a ton of bricks. Right at the end of his interview, Pony asks him if there’s anything else he wants to say before he wraps up the session and Slow Pitch says “yeah, if you’re thinking about someone, and you think you should reach out to them, do it.”

Last year, I had the good fortune of receiving a phone call from an old friend from college. Michael Rodgers. We studied in London together one summer, we were in a handful of pivotal plays together, and here he was calling me 15 some years later. I remember I was in the ALDI off of 72nd and was in the first isle when my phone rang. Only I didn’t pick up the phone. No I just started my groceries so I was going to call him back. I texted him immediately, “getting groceries call you when I get home!”. Only that didn’t happen because I got carried away with something else and life and that call got away from me. Two days later, I got the word he had taken his own life. I wish I had called him back. I don’t know what I would have said, but maybe I could have just listened if he was trying to say goodbye. I don’t know and I’ll never know.  

 “If you hear God whispering to you to reach out to that person, do it.” I’m here to tell you, the shortest text can make a person’s day.

Anybody remember Clarence’s last two lines to George in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”?

“Dear George: Remember- No Man is a Failure who has Friends. Thanks for the wings. -Love, Clarence.”

I have never felt more like a belonged to an island of misfit toys, a true mess hall of men that I don’t actually know but I am bolstered by your mere presence out here, with F3. These holidays can get stressful so take 2 min, to send out a message and say “It was great to see you today”, or “Safe Travels”, or “Hope you are recovering well buddy. Thinking about you.”

Aye! U-Haul

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