Pax: Uhaul, Dome, Honey Stinger, Duster, Doll Face, Bovine, Polaroid, Rooster, E-85, Tardy, Fester
Q: Side Dish
Weather: 25 Degrees and Clear
Pax met at the shovel flags for the usual pleasantries before the 5 core value and disclaimer. We
moseyed up the road to the school park for warmarama.

  • 10 Side Straddle Hops
  • 10 Big Ones
  • 10 Tappy Taps
    The Thang:
    Pax lined up at the back of the end zone of the football field to face off against Side Dish’s 12 Days of
    Christmas beatdown. Every 10 yards until the back of the other end zone was a cone, totaling 12 cones
    and 120 yards. Every ‘even’ cone (20, 40, etc) had an exercise. Pax would run to each cone in succession,
    returning to the start between each and performing a ‘Partridge in a Pear Tree,’ 1 burpee. Reps at each
    cone corresponded to the distance.
    Pattern: Start, 10y cone, start(1 burpee), 20y cone(20 merkins), start(1 burpee), 30y cone, etc
    20 merkins
    40 LBC in cadence
    60 Carolina Dry Docks
    80 Lunges
    100 Air Squats
    120 Monkey Humpers
    Following the successful completion of the entire set by all PAX, we returned to the shovel flags for
    Merry (Christmas):
    25 Ho-Ho-Hos(Banana Boats counted in a Ho-Ho-Ho cadence)
    1 Round of Rancid style American Hammers
    Santa Saunter options this Sunday, F3 Omaha closed Saturday
    Wells and his family struggling with Covid right now

The legs feed the wolf. Strong legs mean a strong foundation. They make you fast, strong, and agile.
Strong legs can take you where you want to go. As a wolf, you belong to a pack, as we belong to in F3.
Being strong makes those next to you strong, just as their strength fuels us. Feed yourself, feed others,
and go find strength in your foundation.

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