December 20th, 2021 Octagon 5:30 Great Day for a beatdown!
20 degrees with no breeze which made it feel toasty
16 HIM joined YHC this morning in the gloom: MmmKay, Khakis (R), Room Service, Rollbar, Space Bar, Sportiva, Slow PiiiiiiiiiitchA, Iced T, Honey Maid, Safe Ride, Folsom, Speed Square, Baby Shoes (Hate), Siter Act, Re-Tweet, and Borlen,
Q: Wentworth
Started right at 5:30 and welcomed the PAX with motto, 5 core principles, and credo. Forgot the disclaimer, will try to remember for my next Q.
Warm-O-Rama: Windmills, Sun Gods, High Knees, Butt Kicks, and SSH’s
Pre-Thang on the soccer field around the speaker which played Feliz Navidad (plank jacks when not singing Feliz Navidad or Merry Christmas, but merkins for Feliz Navidad and mountain climbers for Merry Christmas.) As most pre-thang songs, the song went way too long and the merkins and mountain climbers added up quickly.
The Thang
12 Days of Christmas which resembled Billy Madison
PAX ran to the top of the hill and touched the fence in between each round for the 12 rounds of exercises which accumulated to the 12 days of Christmas
YHC started the speaker with a classical Christmas song playlist and had to forward the songs a couple times….after about 6 rounds, YHC switched it out with the “normal” workout playlist which included Kanye and Eminem as the Christmas song playlist wasn’t doing it for YHC.
1 – Christmas Star Jump
2 – Alternating ShoulderTaps
3 – Sweet Roll® Burpees (Thanks Sweet Roll again!)
4 – Bobby Hurley’s
5 – SSH’s IC
6 – Monkey Humpers IC
7 – Hand Release Merkins
8 – Apollo Ono’s IC
9 – Flutter Kicks IC
10 – Copperhead Squats IC
11 – CDD’s (Carolina Dry Docks)
12 – LBC’s
The running up and down the hill to the east of the field was the real challenge here with this workout and the mumblechatter grew as the numbers continued to increase. The cumulative workout is just what the doctor ordered here in this Christmas week to get things started for the PAX. YHC looked at his watch about 10 times and then realized that out of pure luck, the timing of the beatdown was going to work out just about right at 6:07 a.m. Not knowing who was finished and who wasn’t with the 12 rounds, YHC called Omaha and said to run up to the top of the hill and touch the fence one more time for everyone and then meet in the middle of the field for some Mary.
Since the clock was ticking, YHC went with his favorite Mary exercise (Rancid style American Hammers!)
Announcements and prayers.
COT: YHC spoke about how the end of the year is a great time for self-reflection and to look back at your personal accomplishments and what your goals should be for the next year upcoming. One thing that I have been working on is to edify others instead of putting them down. I will continue to work on this in the future and it will be a goal for 2022. My group of friends from high school, when we get together, we are constantly putting each other down instead of lifting each other up. I think about how we would be much better friends today if we focused on lifting instead of cutting each other down.
Wentworth ended in prayer

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