December 13, 2021 // AO: Stormbreaker// Werner Park // 300 and Clear

The Qic arrived at 440am ready to participate in the Smurph with several others prior to the start of the Murph at Titan Alley or the beatdown at Stormbreaker.

PAX: (9) Grease Fire, Skidz, Tony the Tiger, Farva, Irish Car Bomb, Hu-Hot, Animal House, Painkiller, Ditty

Q: Icy Hot

The PAX was promptly welcomed at 530am by the Qic with the F3 mission statement, core principles, the disclaimer, and the creedo.


The PAX began with a mosey around the east side of Prairie Queen to the blacktop behind the school for Warm-a-rama.

Plank Jacks 12 IC

Mountain Climbers – 12 IC

Tappy Taps – 12 IC

Big Ones – 12 IC

Seal Claps – 13 IC because the Q lost count

Goof Balls – 12 IC

SSH – IC to 7, then silent to 15. If the PAX did not all stop in unison on the right number then the penalty was 5 burpees. Needless to say, we performed 5 burpees.

After warm-a-rama the PAX continued to mosey around the school to a grassy area in the front of the school for the Pre-thang.


The PAX circled up in a plank position, heads toward the middle. The PAX performed a waterfall around the circle performing 1 merkin all the way around, then each member performed 2 merkins all the way around. This continued until each PAX performed 5 merkins. A 10 count was performed and we rinsed and repeated two more times.


The PAX formed groups of two and they would work in pairs to perform air squats at one light and perform burpees at the other light pole. The PAX had freedom to choose which exercise started with 10 reps and which exercise started with 1 rep. The PAX split evenly between the 2 stations. To start the pair would complete 10 reps of whichever exercise they wanted to start with, run to the other station, complete the required number of reps of the other exercise, and rinse and repeat. Each time they reached the station they would either increase the number of reps of one exercise or decrease but the two reps of each exercise would equal 11. Rinse and repeat if needed.

Omaha was called at 606am and everyone moseyed to the grassy area in front of the school.


Frozen Freddies 30 IC led by Tony the Tiger

Heels to Heaven 15 IC led by Ditty

Big Boys 15 led by Painkiller

Rancid Sarpy Slammers


A lot of 3rd F things coming up, pay attention to SLACK and WhatsApp

TClaps to everyone who donated to the Heartland Hope Adopt a Family fundraiser


Take time to reflect on the things that have gone well and things that have not gone so well this year. If we do not take the time we miss out on an opportunity to continue to learn and grow. The last few weeks of Q Source at Paradise has centered on failure and being okay with making mistakes. Too often we try to be perfect and when we or those close to us make mistakes we don’t offer enough grace. These are great opportunities to teach our 2.0s how to respond or to talk about what we could do different next time. Continue to learn and teach those around you.


Icy Hot

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