The APEX 12.15.21. Visiting AO: Ironwood. Proctor: U-Haul

“The NINE’s of Ironwood”

Temp: A balmy and unseasonable 54°.

Pax: 9 – Othello, Doll Face(Respect), Golden Pike, Barn Door, Duster, Spagetti-O’s, Hoser, Hard Hat, and U-Haul.

[0515] The Opener (2min) Good Morning! This is The Apex at Ironwood! Presented the 3 F’s of F3, state the mission statement of F3, the 5 core principles, and the disclaimer. No FNG’s.

Mosey over to the soccer pitch where we had set out our cones and measuring tape for the test.

No Warm-a-rama and straight into The Apex.

2 mile route:

[0615] Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama,

Announcements. Prayers.

COT:Today’s events were all about getting a baseline number for the uninitiated to The Apex. YHC had a COT planned out but on the 2 mile run, Golden Pike remined me of an inspiration thought.

If you are waiting for the ideal conditions to begin, they are never going to come. Start. Start with fear in your heart. Start before you’re “ready”. Just start.

This solid group of men individually led by way of encouragement, positivity, and giving it their all. The name the “The NINE’s of Ironwood” has been unofficially passed around as plans were made to return to this AO seasonally for continual physical testing. 



The APEX 12.18.21. Visiting AO: Top Rope. Proctor: Skidz

When Hard Hat initially approached YHC about leading a session of the APEX, YHC was coming off some recently set PRs and enthusiastically said YES! after glancing at the calendar to December 20th, a Monday.  A little odd date for APEX, but with nothing going on Sunday evening, no big deal to kick off Christmas week with some testing.   However, Hard Hat cleared up the dates later “No its Saturday the 20th, I apologize, no, no its actually Saturday the 18th, I apologize”.    YHC also forgot he had a date at the Bourbon Theater in Lincoln to see Granger Smith the night before with his M that wouldn’t be cancelled.  This could get interesting! After seeing 9! HIMs post on Wednesday’s session led by U-Haul, YHC was in a competitive mood.  Trying to crank up some Sarpy Swagger.  However, instead of 59 degrees from Wednesday, it would be 19 degrees on Saturday and windy.  Brrrrr.  Hit by a large contingent of blood drivers, it being a Saturday, and the awesome weather conditions, we were in to see what type of challenges this would present and if it would hurt recruitin’.Saturday arrived.  YHC got about 4.5 hours of sleep, and was questioning if he could best ANY of his earlier reps.   As YHC and Site Q Hard Hat mumble-chattered our way through setting up the course, we wondered aloud if we’d get anyone to come out.   It was 5:59 and we were nearly to the point of suggesting we pick an exercise or two and head in to #coffeeteria when there arose such a clatter coming down W Dodge Frontage Road.  It was Ooompah to save the day!   Skidz and Hard Hat exclaimed YES! while giving each other backslaps as Ooompah rolled in. After going through the F3 introduction and the outline of the APEX we got to work.   We did all the workouts together to save some time and push through the cold, and Ooompah was setting great baselines for himself as we moved into 2022.  YHC short COT was based around a Terry Pettit quote on grit and perseverance.  “Results don’t happen by accident.  Choose to adjust to adversity while embracing the goal of getting better rather than trying to be perfect.”   Prayers for Ooompah grandma in hospice, Skidz grandpa recovering from surgery, and ALL the PAX as people travel for the holidays and new year.   See you in 2022!



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