December 10, 2021 – The Combine – 37 Degrees
PAX: 29: Doppler, Hard Hat, Griswold, Scoober, Sister Act, Waterboy, Mulligan, Skidz, Kill Switch,
Pantyhose, Superfly, Grillz, Fusion, Warzone, Cheap Seats, Oompah, Wentworth, Tater Tot, The Plague,
Honey Maid, Skipper, Khakis, Open Tab, Beaver, Space Bar, LPC, Tube Socks, Toto, Wait Time,
QIC – Barbershop
I welcomed the 29 PAX to The Combine on a beautiful Friday morning for my VQ. Not going to lie, I was
a bit nervous to get through the following:
This is F3 Omaha – Three F’s stand for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith
Mission Statement – To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male
community leadership
Five Core Principles: 1) Free 2) Open to all Men 3) Always Outside 4) Led in a rotating fashion 5) CoT
Credo: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him
I am not an expert so please modify as necessary’
Got it all out without skipping a beat! That was the hardest part of the morning, it’s all smooth sailing
from here!
I had to miss the pre-run today to set-up for the Beatdown, so we took a little mosey to the other side of
the school to do the warm-o-rama
 Stretching
o Cherry Pickers
o Windmills
o Tappy Taps
o Big Ones
 21s – SSH in cadence with Barbershop counting out the first 5 reps. PAX had to count the
remaining 16 silently and stop all together. Turns out 16 is too many to count silently with
several PAX missing the mark, so the group completed 5 burpees
PAX moseyed to the east side of the building to take advantage of the hill next to the school. PAX
partnered up on the way over for the pre-thang.
 Partner 1 – Bernie Sanders up, 20 Monkey Humpers (IC), bear crawl down.
 Partner 2 – alternate wall sit/balls to wall. Switch with partner 1

Pax moseyed over to the goal line on the east end of the field. The PAX split up into two groups and
traverse the football field stopping every ten yards to complete different exercises. The exercises are
completed together as a group with one of the PAX calling out the exercises:
 Group 1 – Broad Jumps
o 10-30-50-70-90 – 15 Merkins
o 20-40-60-80 – 15 Dying Cock Roaches
 Group 2 – Lunges
o 10-30-50-70-90 – 15 Alternating Shoulder Taps (IC)
o 20-40-60-80 – 15 Big Boys

Upon making it across the goal line, the PAX completed 10 burpees. Each group then ran around the
track to complete the other set of exercises. Rinse and Repeat until Omaha at 6:06 am.
 20 Frozen Flutters
 American Hammers – Rancid Style
Like so many families, our family has a tradition of starting off the Christmas season with a trip to a
Christmas Tree farm on Black Friday morning. It’s such a romantic way to start off the season, playing
tag in the field, cutting down our own tree, and finishing it off with a cup of hot chocolate. However,
also like to many families, our trip got a bit derailed. Instead of a fun, light-hearted game of hide-and-
seek, the trip devolves into a fighting match between the little kids. Add on that the M isn’t feeling well
and is a bit short of patience, it made for a stressful trip out.
But we push through
Get back home and start to pull out decorations to get the tree ready to go. While sorting through all
the boxes, somehow our two-year-old got his hands on a fragile heirloom ornament that has been in the
family for several decades. He promptly drops it and shatters it into a million pieces. Tears start flowing
as the glass gets picked up.
But we push through
I pull out the lights from the box, and sure enough half of the strands don’t work. I go back to Home
Depot to buy replacements, but it turns out they don’t sell those lights anymore.
But we push through
We get to the point of putting up the ornaments as a family. This is the easy part, right? What’s more
fun than putting up ornaments? Well, instead of laughing and playing and singing along with Christmas
carols, the kids instead decide to bicker and fight over who gets to put up the Rudolph ornament.
But we push through

Finally, the tree is decorated, and my whole family always like to lay on our backs and look up through
the tree from underneath. When we do it, my two-year-old son responds:
gasp ….”wooooow”
That little moment of awe and wonder as he takes a look at the Christmas tree is the moment of magic
that makes the entire process worth it. Sometimes we continue to push through circumstances and
situations as they go sideways in an attempt to create special moments for our families, friends,
communities. And the truth is, sometimes we don’t even get to witness the magic on the other side.
Look for ways to generate moments of magic, and if you find yourself lucky enough to witness the
magical moments happen, stop for a moment and take it in!

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

The Combine, AO

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