AO: The Maize

Date: 12/2/21

Weather: Noice!

PAX: Wait Time, Obi-Wan, Mr. Miagi, Teeball, Scoober, Lite Brite, Hoser, Crab Cakes, Slick, Blades of Glory, Mufasa, Ozark, Ralphie, Gator, Escobar, Yodel, Lincoln Logs, Cheap Seats, Vlasik, Barbershop, Griswold, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Welcome: I’m writing this backblast way too late to recall how well I covered the welcome stuff (sometimes I’m spot on, but most of the time I’m not).

Warmarama: On the basketball court, the PAX circled up and did a little bit of an old school warmarama. It included String Rippers, Abe Vigodas (the rope show style), and Sobriety Style Sun Gods.

The Thang(s): The PAX were informed that we would Do-a-Diddy to the playground by the lake. This is a chain run with the front man pulling off to do merkins until the line passes him. He becomes the 6, yells out “6”, and the front man does the same. At the playground, we numbered off into two groups for Pulling Crabs. Each group lines up single file on one side of the swings. Everyone thinks of what their max reps of pull ups are, and tells the man behind them. Then everyone was told to add 2 reps to that number. In the lines, everyone does crab cakes while the guy at the front of the line does his pull ups. Once done with your pull ups, resume crab cakes until the rest of your group finishes. We got through this quick. We then ran over to the “little pet shop “. Everyone grabbed a pet rock. Circled up, we did several coupon exercises with our rocks, each exercise had a different pax calling out the count or cadence. Exercises included: curls, squats, overhead press, kettlebell swings, tricep extensions, and Bulgarian goat bag swings. The PAX returned their pet rocks and then fartlek’d to the street intersection for the next thing. Upon arrival to the intersection, the PAX did flutter kicks until the 6 came in. Here we gathered at the bottom of the hill and got in two lines for a modified Grizzcalator. In the line, the PAX did Peter Parkers. The guy at the front of the line would crawl bear up the hill, then yell “go” for the next guy. He’d run to the back of the line and resume Peter Parkers. Once we got through the lines, we moseyed back to the court for Mary. Mary consisted of some sweat angels, dying cockroaches, and Rancid style hammers.

Closing: After namarama, we had some announcements, and prayer requests. The COT was inspired by the COT of a workout I led here 18 months ago. I was craving a workout with the pulling crabs, and wanted to find an old backblast with it. The one I found was from July of 2020, and I was just getting back into the swing of things after 24 days of quarantine from COVID. My COT that day was regarding how everyone was responding differently to COVID, specifically with my family being the first in our neighborhood to get it, we had neighbors that were great, showing lots of love and care, and we had others that were frankly, assholes about it. It’s so weird to think that was 18 months ago, and things have changed, but we’re still talking about this thing. To wrap this all up, consider other people’s concerns or perspectives before you get too worked up about how they respond to something that may affect you. Taking the time to consider their position will help you respond in a better way than if you just react immediately to them.

Aye! – Hard Hat

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