AO: Golden Spike

Date: 12/17/2021

Weather: 28 degrees, slight breeze, and just a tad of frost on the ground

PAX: Lite Brite, Griswold, Room Service, Z-bo, Doggie Paddle, Cutting Edge, Convoy, Golden Pike, Killswitch, FDIC, Bieber, Saul, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Welcome: Golden Pike, Griswold, Saul, and Hard Hat all preran. Tclaps GP for hitting a couple of PRs!

There was a lot of mumblechatter prior to 0530, so I felt bad having to interrupt everyone to get things started. I began with my usual boring intro, but quickly goofed it up, after we were just joking on the prerun about going through the mission, etc. I recovered with the core principles, gave the disclaimer, and added to it that my first Q at the spike has haunted me for over two years, and I had a playlist planned for that workout and never used it, so it was coming out today and no one could judge me for the selection of tunes. We made our way to the 10 yard line, near the West sideline. We circled up and the speaker came to life. As the music was getting turned up, everyone was directed to start doing Side Straddle Hops on their own, no count. The song that was playing was “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” by Big & Rich. Do a burpee every time you hear Horse. Around halfway through, we switched from SSH to Moroccan Night Clubs with a jump/jiggy wit it. The end of the song concluded warmarama.

The Thang: Going for a ride!

The PAX numbered off 1-6, so we have 5 two man groups and and one 3 man group. Groups 1-3 would stay on the field for a Dora style grinder, consisting of: 100 split squats, 200 dips, and 300 Bonnie Blair’s IC. One man would sprint to the other sideline, and seal walk back to relieve his partner. Once through this routine, go to where the other groups are.

Groups 4-6 started with another Dora style grinder on the stairs. This one had 100 chicken peckers, 200 donkey kicks, and 300 wall sits with raise the roof. One partner would run down the stairs and back up to relieve his partner.

The groups got almost all the way through their first grinder before being directed to switch to the other grinder. Omaha was called when all the groups were around their 300 rep exercises. Everyone circled up again around the 10 for 3 minutes of Freddie. Queen’s “Bicycle Race” was played and all PAX did flutter kicks and would perform a Freddie Mercury every time they heard bicycle and bike. The song is only 3 minutes long, but this is one hell of an ab burner.

Closing: We had announcements for APEX tomorrow, and the Queenservice beatdown on Monday. For the COT, I wanted to go back and redo my first Q from Golden Spike, because I felt like that workout was a royal clusterf@€k and I wasn’t happy with it. It was so bad, I must not have done a backblast, so I wouldn’t have to relive it. In searching for the backblast, I did come across one that had a relevant COT to how I was feeling and have had some conversations with people earlier this week about a similar subject. It’s about gaining experience to help with our confidence in how we handle the things we face. Someone once told me on a jobsite a long time ago, that “No one is born a journeyman”. Everyone learns from their experiences, and sometimes you just can’t rush that experience. It reminded me of F3 and all of us in our fitness journeys. I led a terrible workout over a year after my VQ. I didn’t really buy into F3 a whole lot until around 8 months after I started, and that’s when I started to prerun more and began to feel like I could finally keep up with everyone in a workout. Don’t get discouraged, stick with it. Keep on accelerating, keep on leading, and keep learning from your experiences. Don’t be afraid to share your experiences with others either. It may help someone avoid making the same mistake(s) you made.

Peace! – Hard Hat

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