12/17/2021, Armory – Better to Give 

PAX: (19) Blades of Glory, Biff, Speed Square, Lincoln Logs (Respect, Respect), Sasquash, Slow Clap (Respect), Wentworth, Yodel, Obi-Won, Fine Print, Cradle, Slap Shot, Truly, T-ball, Gator, Fish Oil, Barn Door, Ozark (Respect) or is it…Gator?!?!?! (Hard to say. Literally…)

Q – Ozark (YHC)

A beautiful, crisp 27-degree, 80% humidity morning under a near full moon with a light,westerly breeze. Awaiting YHC and Gator’sarrival were Biff and Barn Door, eager to plant flags and get the pre-run started. Fish Oil, and Wentworth joined in. Upon their departure YHC set up for the Pre-Thang and the Thang near the entrance to Elkhorn MS ~1/2 mile up the hill.

Meanwhile, back at the Tank, Slap Shot and Truly stretched, Truly took a short jog in the gloom to loosen up, Slap Shot details YHC re: the Nebraska VB recent success, while Yodel waits in the warmth of his VW, likely sleeping. The PAX trickle in, chatter while stretching their hammies and awaiting pre-run arrivals. Then YHC covers the mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer. First time Armory beat down for Wentworth, Biff, and Fish Oil!!!!

Ozark led the PAX down the street to the far parking lot for Warm-A-Rama.  Ozark led cadence, explaining how a slow, long stretch is quite good for you, especially Pigeons:

SSH 21, 

Cherry Pickers 17, 

FOF Air Squats 12,

10 – Modified Tappy Taps (ISLOWC)

10 – Modified Big Ones (IVERYSLOWC)

10 – Pigeons (10 Count Each Leg)

PAX paired up with similar stature and ability and moseyed to the school.


One from each pair assigned to the concrete benches, half on the wall.

Benches – 20 Derkins/20 Dips/20 Derkins/20 Dips. After each set, relieve partner on the wall.

At the wall, wait…what’s that?!?!? Two gift-wrapped…boxes(?) await the PAX. Ah! YHC explained the lesson his mother told him as a Ute, it’s better to give than receive!!! And if any of the PAX had not yet realized this lesson, this surely will help. Squat with backs to the wall, pass the gifts down the line back and forth. WAIT! Those aren’t two pillows, they’re COUPONS!!! Good mumble chatter, especially at the wall. Darlene Love sang Winter Wonderland and The Ronettes sang us Sleigh Ride (so fun…). After 4 sets each, time to mosey…

The Thang

As we crest the hill to the east, two lights in the grassy gloom await us down the berm.  Wait!  Are those more gifts?  Yep.  After unabated anticipation and tearing of wrapping paper, so much excitement to learn the AMRAPs assigned to Station 1:

Round 1- Hydraulic Squats

Round 2 – LBCs

Round 3 – Imperial Squat Walkers

Round 4 – Flutterkicks

Round 5 – Bonnie Blairs

Round 6 – Frozen Freddies

Each pair from the Pre-Thang grouped with another pair.  One pair starts at bottom of the berm (Station 2) and the other pair behind them (Station1) at the lights.  Pair 1 begins AMRAP exerciseswhile listening to Elvis sing his Christmas album.  So heartwarming…

However, Pair 2 stands at Station 2 looking around.  What to do?  Well, since we’re receiving so many gifts this morning, the best way to move them?  Wheelbarrow feels right…

Pair 2 wheelbarrows up the hill, then crab walksdown the hill, which serves to push Pair 1 into the wheelbarrow up the hill.  Pair 2 then performs the AMRAP exercises.

PAX within a pair alternates positions in the wheelbarrow up the hill. After your turn on the ground, then carry your PAX-barrow’s legs.

After 4-5 rounds, YHC calls Omaha.  But WAIT!  More gifts?! NO WAY…

PAX proceeds to a new wall for a Bonus exercise! Wrapped instructions await along with some sort of…other gift?  Oh, this is for the PAX if the Bonus Round is completed.  So much excitement tearing the gift wrapping off the instructions, giddiness abound!!!  Oh…it’s…the Wall Pyramid.  At least we have Andy Williams telling us that It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

5 Australian Mountain Climbers

10 Chicken Peckers

15 Donkey Kicks

10 Chicken Peckers

5 Australian Mountain Climbers

Well, the PAX blew through that without issue (except for YHCs breathing).  OMAHA!!!  Time to mosey back to the flags.

The PAX enjoyed immense mumble chatter on the downhill course back to the flags listening to Bing Cosby’s Mele Kalikimaka.

After the 6 is in, PAX circles up for Mary. Good mumble chatter moment.  YHC was expecting another gift, but none in sight.  Hmmm.  Wait, what’s that by the tank?!?!?  Yep, there it is!!!  Yodel scrambles to see what’s inside.  Is that…a picture of Thor?  OH…Captain Thor!!!

YHC led 5 increasing sets of Captain Thor (1:4), whereby each Big Boy is followed by 4 Rancid Style Hammers.  Second set?  2 Big Boys and 8 Rancid Style Hammers.  Yep, 5 sets ending in 20 Rancid Style Hammers.  Limited mumble chatter throughout.

Name-o-rama made interesting, once again, by Ozark.  Who still struggles with his own nickname.  Possibly since he’s never stepped foot in the Ozarks?  Anway…

Announcements:  So much on the Slack Third FChannel. Tonight Show urges us to check it out.  Operation Others at Creighton Prep.  Day After Christmas run, Impact Retreat Jan 6-8 a few slots left.  CSAUP workout Jan 29th (location TBD,Gator)  

Prayers – Tonight Show asked us to pray for Chris, a man he met yesterday while Chris was in the unfortunate position of suffering an unexpected seizure.  T-claps to Tonight Show for stepping up and helping a fellow man in need.

When passing the Nugent Flag this morning, Fine Print used the opportunity to speak about his experience with Nugent growing up playing baseball against each other and how much Nugent continued to persevere and accelerate as he aged. Truly embodied an F3 HIM to those around him. Fine Print passed the flag to longtime HIM, Sasquash.


Ozark explained what brought him out to F3 and what keeps him coming back.  And no, it’s not that he lost a bet.  Nor is it that he’s looking to meet business owners in order to buy their businesses and launder money.

Instead, his reasons are similar to so many others’.  He sought better physical and mental health and, having moved here from the PacNW, a way to meet good men.  Which F3 provided and provides.  Time spent laboring in the gloom with F3 men shifted his perspective and re-prioritized him.  We work so much, sometimes too much, a reset is sometimes needed, and Ozark got one with F3.  Ozark expressed thanks for F3, these men with whom he shares mornings in the gloom, Wait Time for his vision and perseverance to plant an F3 flag in Omaha, the Redwoods for standing by Wait Tine, and Gator for bringing him (Ozark) out.  As we approach this holiday week, Ozark urged the PAX to take time to laugh.  Make time to enjoy time spent with those you care about.  Your family and your friends.

T-ball took us out in prayer.

T-claps to Speed Square for picking up substantial garbage on the far side of the parking lot as we departed.

At coffee, Lincoln Logs opened the spoils from the Bonus Exercise at the wall.  Two Fruit Cakes!!! What better way…

Shalom Out – Ozark

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