Back blast: 12-4-2021 7:00 AM Oracle: Q: Cataracts and Diablo, PAX: Roll bar, Space bar, Vandalay, Pax, Q-Tip, Cutting Edge, Wentworth, Umbro, Mile high,Doppler, Cosmo, Toadstool, Straight flush, Greenhouse, Posidon, Cheap seats, Hay Hay, Folsom, FNG (The Fork), Thomas, Mulligan, Sparty, Mother Goose

Mosey: round the circle drive to enter the buss lot.

Warm O’ Rama:

Tappy Taps

Tater Taps

Monkey Humpers

Big Ones

Abe Vigoda Windmills

Sungods, fwd/bkwd

Cherry Pickers

Overhead Claps

Side Straddle Hop

Mosey: out the back of the memorial, round the drive and to the grassy null north  of the shovel flags

Thang :

Billy Madison. 

Running route = counterclockwise circle from platform up the east steps, past the shovel flags and down the west steps to the platform. 12 exercises listed to be performed at 12 reps or cadences. First exercise was performed, the route was run, then the first and second exercises were performed and the route was run again. Then the first three exercises – run – first four… through all 12 excersizes.


Big Boys

Side Straddle Hops

Air Squats

Mtn Climbers

Freddie Mercuries


Bonnie Blairs


Low Dollies 

Imperial Walkers 

Jump Squats

COT: Amplification on Diablo’s 6:00 am message: don’t be afraid to try new things.  I focused on system one and system 2 thinking.  Knowing how to stay in system one by enjoying the autopilot and when to shift to the nightly analytic system 2 when you need to calculate every action .

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