F3 Heavy Metal // December 15th, 2021 // BetaMax’s annual “heavy Metal” Christmas bash // Weather: Tropical for December – 56 degrees with a breeze //

PAX: 11 – Q Tip, Jeeves, SafeRide, SmashMouth, Folsom, SpaceBar, Boreland, Sportiva, Swinger, Obtuse, BetaMax

Mosey to stage: Warm o rama

SSH (20)
Big Ones (20)
Apollo Onos (20)
Tappy Taps (12)

Jingle bells played over the loud speaker. On every “jingle” the PAX did a merkin. A plank was help the remainder of the time.

Mosey back to swing sets.


PAX toon turns rotating to the sandbag under the awning, where they performed 6 sandbag burpees. The remainder of the PAX suffered AMRAP of the following exercises until they returned to tag the next person.

Chest fly
Hammer curls
Renegade rows
Static lunge right
Tricep kickbacks
Monkey Humpers
All around the world
Static lunge left

We made it through 4+ rounds of spelling CHRISTMAS.

COT: It’s easy to get caught up with buying presents and the corporate American “buy buy buy” aspect of Christmas. Don’t forget to reflect on eighteenth-century Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s famous quote, “The money you have gives you freedom; the money you pursue enslaves you.”

Give it away. Tell someone about F3. Invite someone. Get involved with the 3rd F. ❤️

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Heavy Metal

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