12/14/2021: The Trident, Humidity 68% and 39 degrees.  

I arrived early to scope out a good location for the Thang – maybe something new, while also hoping to catch a pre-run group.  Bingo – the new LinkedIn parking lot with canopies would work perfectly for what I had in mind- especially since it is lit up like daytime.  At least this workout wouldn’t be in the total darkness.  After set up, I drove up to the launch area and connected with a rather large Pre-run group that was assembling.  Gator graciously ran with Ozark and I near the back of the pack for the usually challenging Trident Pre-run.

PAX: Roadhouse, Chiclets (Respect), Wait Time (Respect), Waterboy, No Doze, Gator, Ozark (Respect), Skipper, Dirty Bird, Hoser, Big One, Sparty, Spacebar, Cheap Seats, Slow Clap (Respect), Saul, FNG- Cuffs, Room Service, Barn Door, Brazilian

QIC: Vandelay – 

I presented the mission, core principles, and disclaimers.  Occasionally I will have some theme around National days for the date of my Q.  Nothing exciting at all for today except National Monkey Day- we will see what I can do with that- the rest sucked, quite frankly.  No offense to the state of Alabama.  The PAX moseyed to the west parking lot for Warm-A-Rama.


3 Person Groups with 2 stations and a runner.  We modified for our numbers

Station A: Alternating rounds of SSH and Sun Gods as AMRAP

Station B: Alternating rounds of Big Ones and Tappy Taps as AMRAP

Runners -Jog back and forth.

Pre Thang

Bolt 45s, 3 xs

In honor of National Monkey Day – Monkey Humpers were substituted for Johnny Dramas.  30 IC


Thang consisted of pairing up into groups of 6 (roughly) and running a 3-man grinder in pairs to encourage mumble-chatter and to push your partner.

Exercises on one side of an approximately 40 yard run:• SSH• AIR SQUATS• MONKEY HUMPERS• FLUTTER KICKS• JUMP TUCKS• FORWARD ALT LUNGES• AL GORE• BIG BOYS



Flutter Kicks – 15 IC

E 2 K – 10 each side

Box Cutters – 15 IC, Because Roadhouse would be disappointed if I didn’t and we needed to correct some on form from what I saw earlier in The Thang.

Announcements & Prayers:

Respect Pop Up at Paradise Thursday – 5:30 AM

• Check Third F on Slack for opportunities. Operation Others this Saturday

• Prayers for people in Kentucky.

Message from the Q – Vandelay:

This past Saturday I volunteered with others from F3 for the Abide event helping families for the Holidays. Sparty and others spearheaded this but I was happy to take part and support our efforts. F3 has created many opportunities to participate in these types of events and if you haven’t – please do. I previously had done a similar event at Abide 3 years ago with Plague and No Doze. It was one of the more impactful events I had done with F3. In addition to myself, Ozark, Black Jack, Speed Square and Sparty were there this week. Others helped earlier in the week as well.

I was troubled by things I saw.  Years ago, I would probably judge people more but I believe my perspectives have changed in recent years – partly influenced by better understanding of others and their life stories through experiences in F3.  I saw many things I couldn’t understand, but I really felt hurt in my heart for people.  I didn’t know their issues but tried to reflect more on what puts people in their situations.  Everyone has their issues to bare.  How they are equipped to deal with them may define how successful they are in life.  

Ultimately, I felt like people are making a difference but there is a lot to do.  Many people don’t want someone telling them how to fix things, just help them where we can.  There is a need for community leadership – not for the purpose of being a leader or getting press, or making a show, but for the purpose of helping those less fortunate.

The Holy Family was one of these families 2000 years ago.

Thanks to my friend, Roadhouse, for allowing me the opportunity to lead today.


Vandelay –

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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