PAX (13): Stella, Light Bright, Ruxpin, Grillz, U Haul, Samples (R), Honey Stinger, Smashmouth, Rosetta, Toadstool, Black Jack, Griswold, Huffy, Sister Act

Q: Sister Act

Sister Act welcomed everyone at 0530, said the mission and core principles, and reminded them that 1) he’s not a professional, and 2) the group would be around some homes today, so try to keep the mumble chatter a little bit quiet. Samples gave everyone a great example of exactly how this should be done.

WARMARAMA: PAX moseyed to parking lot of Morning Star Church. Fun to hear that this was virgin ground; hopefully it was an inspiration to another Q to use the lot in the future. 

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Tappy Taps
  • 20 Alt Shoulder Taps IC
  • 10 Big Ones IC
  • 10 Little Ones IC
  • 20 Goof Balls

PRE-PRE-PRE-THANG: PAX took a mosey to the small hill between the church and the school and paired up into twos

  • 1 PAX at the bottom doing: 10 Learning to Flys, 10 merkins, repeat if needed
  • 1 PAX runs to the top of the hill, does 5 burpees, runs down to relieve partner
  • Do this for 3 rounds

PRE-PRE-THANG: PAX moseyed to the bottom of the long hill of 86th St. Making our way back up the hill, PAX did the following:

  • Bear crawl for a count of 10
  • Jog for a count of 10
  • Repeat until we reach the top

In retrospect, this exercise was great and we could have done it a couple more times, but we had stuff to do. So – another time.

PRE-THANG: PAX made their way to the block wall down from the school parking lot and lined up along it

  • PAX wall sit while the line counts up one way and back down the other
  • PAX then does 15 Derkins 
  • Do this for 3 rounds

THANG: PAX moseyed to soccer field, got into new groups of 2, and did the following set of 21’s as a pair – counting for each other and inspiring each other to work hard – and running across the field between each set

  • One side was Bonnie Blairs IC
  • Other was plank jacks IC

Omaha was called at 0606 and we made our way to the shovels for some Mary. Black Jack had more in the tank and plenty in the legs, considering his sprint up the grass hill! HIM circled up and hit their 6 for the following


  • 15 Flutter Kicks
  • 5 Frozen Flutters
  • 15 Freddie Mercuries
  • 5 Frozen Freddies
  • 15 Low Dollys
  • 5 Frozen Dollys
  • Hammers, Rancid


PRAYERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS – Apex at Ironwood tomorrow (Wed 12/15), Uncommon book starting – get yours from Samples, Impact retreat – still room for a few HIM! Prayer for Demogorgon.


Yesterday at the Octagon, Honey Stinger took us through a fast-paced, frenetic work out that we all walked away from smiling. He was my inspiration for this morning – hopefully we’ll all be smiling as we walk away as well.

But it got me thinking about inspiration in general – and how we never really know who we’re inspiring. I’ve had fun moments where I knew I had been an inspiration, like when my daughter told me she wanted to sing at church or when my son wanted to ride mountain bike trails with me. But for the most part I’d bet the inspiration that I give to people, if any, is something that’s never really made known. That tells me two things.

First, it tells me we can all be an inspiration – especially if we are trying to live right and as high impact men! But even if you’re in a rough spot and not feeling yourself, you are probably an inspiration to someone around you. This is simply because we’re all made differently, but also because we’re responsible for certain people’s lives, like our kids.

Second, it tells me that I have a big responsibility to inspire people in the right direction! I don’t want to inspire people to be average. I don’t want to inspire people to coast through life. I don’t want to inspire people to treat their loved ones with passivity. My influence is “on” no matter what kind of day I’m having – so the more I can develop habits and behaviors that are healthy, the more positive influence I can have. The same goes for you, HIM of F3 Omaha!

So – next time you’re listening to Chicago – I hope you remember this COT and the fact that, like it or not, you’re the inspiration! What will you do with that responsibility?

Aye, brothers!


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