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Pax = 15: Kill Switch, Toto, Birdman, The Plague, Chucky, Cradle, Tube Socks, Slow Clap, Truly, Grillz, Fester, Al Borland, Theraband, Panty Hose, Two Step

Q: Two Step
0530: Q welcomed PAX at the Shovel Flags, in the lot of the park off Kansas, stated the mission, listed the circlical core principles, and disclaimed his lack of professonalism and the risk of injury.

Mosey: eastward over the hill to the other parking lot, circling up for WO’R
Warm O’ Rama:
Side Straddle Hop
Overhead Claps
Cherry Pickers
Big Ones
Tappy Taps
Tater Taps

Pre-thing (right there in same circle)
Monkey Howlers: Pax grabbed backs of their own ankles and held monkey humping position while one pax at a time completed ten monkey humpers (on their own count), followed by the next successive pas counterclockwise around the circle, finishing with the Q.

Mosey/Beaver Run, 20 second run with arms out 90 degrees in front, 20 secondled by Toto to provide a tour of the Berm for the Q on his virgin Berm beat down, from the lot north and west to encircle the soccer field and toward the shovel flags, then back to the center of the soccer field to encircle the central cone surrounded by an equilateral triangle in the center of the field. Points of the triangle also containing lit cones and weinkes.

Pre-Pre-Thang : Q demonstrated and led each of the workouts on the weinkes at the corners of the triangle.

  1. Crowd Pleasers: pyramid of merkins and groiners, 1 rep of each, 2 of each, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
  2. Bold Forty Fives: 15 x Half Squats (180 degree knees to 45 degree knees),
    15 x half to full squats (45 to 90 degree knees)
    15 x jump squats
  3. Bay City Scisors: 8-count exercise, 1-4 in rosalina position – vertical scissors, 5-8 in low dolly position-horizontal scissors.

Thang : The Dark Triangle of Doom in the Gloom (my name, didn’t actually speak it out loud at the beat down, so probably won’t stick)
Pax numbered into four groups and distributed one group to each lit cone, three of which made an equilateral triangle, the fourth cone positioned in the center of that triangle.
Central Cone Group: run around the periphery of the triangle, then to the center cone to do 10 burpees, then run to the first corner cone to push that group.
First Corner Cone: Bolt Forty Fives, rinse and repeat until pushed, then push second corner cone group.
Second corner Cone: Bay City Scissors, …, …third corner cone group.
Third corner Cone: Crowd Pleasers, …, … become the central cone group.

Mosey: south toward the shovel flags, stopping in the paved unoccupied circle thing that appears to have been constructed for 6 minutes of mary.

ABSOLUTIONS – Q could only lead pax through eight of the 8 count cadences here. clearly having lost a step, maybe you should just call him “Step” for a while.

Rancid Hammers

Name-o-rama: got done.


  1. This AO, the Berm is going to start starting at 5:15 in January to facilitate its site Q being able to suffer the whole dang beat downs before having to bounce at 6:00, and to allow ample time for coffeeria discussion. Pre runs will also shift.
  2. thankful trot gifts ammounted to 6 x $500, presented to schools who allow us to beat each other down on their property. these have been received with much gratitude.
    1. adopt a family also received a $450 gift, similarly received
    2. t shirts ordered in the second batch should be in next week
      Prayer Requests:
  3. Just some silent ones apparently.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today, and to follow you every other.

A TED talk by Adam Grant, organizational psychologist at U Penn’s Wharton School of Business, inspired me and i’m going to try to paraphrase his message.
It reminded me of being in high school on my school district’s committee to create its mission statement. The entire statement wound up being too long and boring to remember, but it included the intention to create capable and responsible lifelong learners. That introduced to me the idea that continuing to learn throughout life might be beneficial.
Surely you are all familiar with the phenomenon of dropping a frog into boiling water and having it jump right out, but when you drop it in warm water and heat that water to boiling slowly, the frog sits there like a dumbass until he dies. People shouldn’t do this, in my opinion. But our lives are chock full of metaphorical pots with slowly rising temperatures, within which we have the opportunity to sit there without accepting new data or changing our behaviors.

Now, because I happen to be a neuroradiologist, I know that the brains of most people are bigger than frog brains. We have a greater ability to learn, acquiring new information about that we can incorporate into the set of beliefs that guide our life management. As opposed to the frog, we have a greater capacity to figure out when it is getting dangerously warm in the pot, metaphorical or not.

Or do we? I pray that the HIM here today, or reading this backblast, would be always able to assimilate new data, into their beliefs and the management of their lives.

This is how scientists think. Fester can tell you more about this more eloquently, i am sure. But the point of science is to make hypotheses about the way the world works, in order to guide decisions. Then we devise a test to see if our hypothesis or belief is correct. The test may show that our hypothesis was right or wrong. But either way, we have more information that we can use to support our actions.

Adam Grant talks about meeting some famous nobel prize winner who had just attended one of Adam’s lectures. Famous is relative, because i cannot remember the guy’s name. After the talk, he told Adam he’d always disagreed with him on that topic, but he loved the lecture because Adam had proved him wrong. And Adam is like, do you really love being proven wrong? Or something like that, and the guy is like, I always love learning that I’ve been wrong! It is exhilarating to know the truth and not be wrong anymore. We should always rejoice when we know that we can go forward with better information as opposed to wallowing toward our demise. Even when we learn that our hypothesis was incorrect, we are successful and grateful for knowing the truth.

It is much more exhilarating, in fact, if you are careful not to identify with your beliefs. I believe there is too much of this going on in our world. People have been parsed into those who believe one thing and another, as if they are tribes, always at war. It is very difficult to change your mind if you feel like you are betraying your tribe. Who will you be if you no longer believe the same things anymore? People are literally dying around here every day, holding onto false beliefs. Please don’t do that.

Remember the frog in the boiling water. That whole thing is actually backwards bullshit. In reality, if you drop a frog into boiling water, there’s a good chance it will be stunned and injured and unable to jump itself out of the pot. And if you place it in warm water, it will jump out when it gets too warm. People have just heard that story and never bothered to learn the truth about it. And don’t you feel just a little better going forward, knowing the truth about it, even if you aren’t a frog, or a sadist?

Two Step

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