Site: The Octagon of F3 Omaha. 5:30am, 29Deg and calm

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Chiclets, Retweet, Khakis, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, Selleck, Golden Pike, Zebo, MMKaa, Weight Time, Roll Bar, Patton, Room Service, Ice T, Bloodshot, Sister Act, Honey Made, Edison, Borland, FDIC

5:30am-Greetings, core principals, mission statement, hugs and handshakes.

PAX takes off on a mosey and Stinger keeps the crew on their toes by running the hill and stairs on their way to the parking lot in the back of the school.

WOR: sun gods/calf raises, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, Goof Balls, High knees, SSHs. After a high paced WOR Stinger slows down the PAX by going through 2 slow and methodical yoga based stretches and then immediately turns up the volume with 10x Bob Hurleys, 10 Monkey Humpers IC and right into ATMs and some plank isolation routines that had high rates of mumble chatter rolling early.

The PAX moseys around the school to the playground where Stinger divides the crew in two for some wall jumps/air squats for group 1. Group 2 was instructed to do alternating shoulder taps 20IC and then push and switch. 3 rounds of each exercise were completed by each group before Stinger called for the PAX to mosey to the dreaded hill

Stinger has the PAX partner up for this session of pain. Partner 1 was instructed to run to the top of the hill, do 10 air squats and run back down to relieve partner 2 who was doing the following exercises. Round 1-Merkins AMRAP. Round 2-LBCs, Round 3-SSHs. After the PAX completed 3 rounds each Stinger calls Omaha and redirects the PAX to the field where a hefty and long 3 man grinder was been set up.

The Thang: 3 man grinder with one push runner. The following exercises were placed at the south end for AMRAP completion: Air squats, LBCs, Werkins, Imperial Walkers, Flutter kicks, Carolina DDs. On the north end of the field the follow exercises were to be completed AMRAP: Squat Jumps, Merkins, SSHs, Big Boys and Cherry Pickers

6:06am- Stinger calls Omaha and a sigh of relief falls over the PAX as they circle up at midfield for 6MM

6MM: Flutter kicks-12IC, heel touches-12IC, pickle pushers-12IC, heels to heaven-12IC, Low dollys-20(respect) and we ended with American hammers Rancid style.

Announcements and Prayer requests. Queen service beat down at Paradise next week. Prayers for Chris, Christian and lil miss Golden Pike.

COT: In Nebraska in 2018 237,440 individuals were food insecure-12.3 percent of the states population. Nebraskas children had a food insecurity rate of 16.7 percent translating to 79, 310 children. PAX, be award of this. Be aware that we have food insecurity in our neighborhood, schools and even in our beloved PAX. Do something about it! Ramp up efforts and giving this time of year. Keep volunteering, donating, giving of your time and talents in the service of others. The PAX is built to serve, continue to do so. It’s always my deepest honor to lead the PAX and I remain your most humble servant. Cheers. SYITG

H. S. Stinger

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