December 12, 2021: AO – Rabbit Hole/Temperature: Cold

Pax: Blades of Glory, Bovine, Buns of Steel, Folsom, Betamax, Huffy, Frosty, Lansbury, & Safe Ride

Qs: Safe Ride & Huffy

Safe Ride welcomed the PAX to the Rabbit Hole promptly at 7:00am.  The PAX was extra chatty during the Mission of F3 and 5 Core Principles.  Apparently, the extra sleep allowed the PAX to feel rested.  Lastly, Safe Ride reminded everyone that neither he nor Huffy are professionals.  There is a real risk of injury so please modify as necessary.

To start this beatdown the PAX moseyed around the pond and circled up back at parking lot near the shovel flags for warm-a-rama:


Side Straddle Hops

Tappy Taps


Sun Gods



Mountain Climbers

And 1 Burpee


Safe Ride then turned the reigns over to Huffy for the pre-thang.  He led the PAX on a mosey over the bridge to the parking lot to the east.  The infamous tire sleds with coupons were located approximately 75 yards away.  The PAX partnered up and performed an arm exercise of their choosing and completed 20 reps.  The partners ran down to the tire sleds and chose 20 reps of a leg exercise.  They then ran back to the start position, dragging the tire sled with them.  The next round was 20 reps of a core exercise.  Rinse and repeat about 5-6 times.


Mosey back over the bridge and around part of the pond to another parking lot.  There was a steep hill that Frosty confirmed had never been used during a beatdown at the Rabbit Hole. Safe Ride offered a few PAX to pick an exercise and eventually Folsom caved and had the PAX bear crawl up the hill.  Safe Ride then took the PAX on yet another mosey back to an open grassy area north of the shovel flags. 

For the remainder of the Thang a cone was placed approximately 40 yards away and Safe Ride instructed the PAX the were to do the following:

Run to the cone and Back

40 Squats

30 Merkins

15 big boys

Cone Down and Back x 2 (meaning down and back twice)

40 LBCs

30 Bonnie Blairs

15 Hand Release Merkins

Cone Down and Back x 3

30 Squats

20 Merkins

15 big boys

Cone Down and Back x 4

30 LBCs

20 Bonnie Blairs

15 Hand Release Merkins

Safe Ride called OMAHA at 7:48am for the game portion of the beatdown.  Each PAX member took Safe Ride’s pitching wedge and chipped a golf ball towards the cone.  Closest chip to the cone won a cup a coffee courtesy of Safe Ride.  Folsom was the big winner!


There was a lot of mumble chatter during the beatdown.  The highlight was Lansbury and Huffy discussion about the Rocky IV movie and how Uncle Paulie’s robot was removed from the new Director’s Cut.  The consensus between the two was that re-released films should include adding robots, not cutting them out. 


A few core exercises were performed and the group ended with American Hammers


Safe Ride thanked Frosty for asking him to Q Rabbit Hole.  He then discussed motivation.  He had just spent a week relaxing in Jamaica with his wife.  However, each morning Safe Ride felt the urge to get up a little early and workout.  Part of that was to brag to the PAX back in gloomy Omaha how good Safe Ride had it down in paradise.  The other part was he knew F3 Omaha was back here in cold/snowy weather trying to get better.  That motivated Safe Ride to tie up his Brooks each and every morning and get a solid workout in.  Safe Ride encouraged the PAX to keep motivating one another. 


  • Save the date for the CSAUP: 1/29/22
  • Apex Physical Fitness testing this upcoming week
  • Lots of 3rd F opportunities still available in December
  • F3 Omaha’s retreat is 1/6 – 1/8; there still might be time to register
  • Prayers for the family of Huffy’s friend who recently had a death due to COVID
  • Prayers for Frosty who will soon be traveling to Hawaii to get hitched!

Much love,

Safe Ride

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