December 11, 2021 | AO – The Oracle 6am | ~32°  14 mph NW Winds

26 PAX: Knobs, Z-Bo, Black Flag, Tater Tot, Al Borland, Truly, Retweet, DaVinci (Respect Respect), Pothole, Vandelay (Respect), Khakis (Respect), Icy-Hot, GTA, Merch, Patton (Respect), Doppler, Cheap Seats, LPC, Sticky Bandit, Biff, Mulligan (Respect), Wait Time (Respect), Slow Pitch, Stitches, Iced Tea, Slick

Q: Slick

5a & 530a Pre-Run groups were present for snowy pre-runs.

At 6am, PAX were welcomed to The Oracle 6am edition. Explanation of the mission of F3, the core principles and that Slick is NOT a professional so modify as necessary. No FNGs but we did have Sticky Bandit back in action!

PAX Bernie Sanders moseyed past the adjacent roundabout and headed South down Heroes Blvd to the parking lot at the end of the street for warm-o-rama. PAX planked for the 6.



15 Squat + Alt knee to chest grab IC

20 Slick Merkins (Merkin + Alt Toe Touches)

25 Monkey Humperz IC

PAX Bernie Sanders moseyed SW to the parking lot adjacent to Mahoney Rd for the Pre-Pre Thang.

Pre-Pre Thang: Crawls & Burps

As a group, PAX would bear crawl down to the other end of the long parking lot and would Burpee AMRAP until the 6 was in. Once the 6 was in, the PAX bear crawled back to just short of the other end of the long parking lot and completed Burpees AMRAP until the 6 was in, again.

PAX then Bernie Sanders moseyed to the practice football field South of the parking lot they were in and lined up on the West Goal Line. The field was a blanket of fresh white powder snow. Perfect for a tribute to our man No Doze.

Pre-Thang: Mini Spartan

Slick explained just over two years ago Pothole EH’d him for his first post with F3 @TheOracle. On that day Nick Rudman (aka No Doze) was the Q and they’d do an abbreviated workout of that day in honor of being named by him.

In rotation, the PAX performed 10 Merkins and then sprinted to the other goal line. The PAX would end up completing 9 rounds of this formation. (variations, modifications, 10 counts were all had).

At roughly 6:35a the first Omaha! was called and Slick led the PAX down Doyle Dr to the South end of the Lake to Heartbreak Hill for the Thang.

The Thang: Heartbreak Hill

Slick kept it simple with a 2 man grinder after the PAX paired up.

Man 1: Big Boyz AMRAP

Man 2: Run up the snowy hill and perform 3 burpees at the top before pushing back down the hill to relieve man 1.

Rinse & Repeat until Omaha! 2 called around 6:48a to mosey back to shovel flags.

Shoutout to Biff for the best bodyslide down the entire length of the hill!


  • As PAX made it to the shovel flags, they were instructed to switch between LBCs & Flutter Kicks until the 6 was in.
  • 15 American Hammers IC


Announcements/Prayer Request

  • Santa Saunter details to come
  • Prayers for Patton’s friend Christian who was diagnosed with lymph node cancer
  • Prayers for LPC this coming Monday
  • Prayers for Mother Goose and his M on their newborn baby girl Gwen Adrienne VanWinkle!


Slick was up against time but squeezed in a short visual/emotional exercise:

“Close your eyes and take a deep breath, breathing in for a count of 5, and breathing out for a count of 5. Take another breath in the same fashion. And one more, feeling the air move past your nose and into your lungs. I want you to think about someone you care about deeply. Someone who fills your heart with ultimate happiness. This may be a person or persons. Think about the influence they have on you and how it gives you the ability to feel and express the strongest emotion: love.”

“Now think about that person or persons no longer being here on this earth and being taken from you and your opportunity to feel that deep love. You’ll never have the opportunity to talk or embrace them again. Let any emotions you are feeling linger a bit inside of you with that thought.”

Slick asked the PAX to outwardly express how they feel to the person(s) they were thinking about and not keep that love to themselves.

Slick led a short prayer to close it out.

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