Dragon’s Lair

December 11,  2021

Gretna Park(s)

 Weather 30 degrees and calmish after the snow storm that Omaha makes a HUGE deal about because it was the first one for the year and it’s not like we have seen snow before… 

Pre-run group: 0  Blades got a text from Gator asking if he was going to pre-run and responded yes so he was there at 5:30:59 so technically on time but didn’t factor in all the ice, defrosting, and brain fog from only 4 hours of sleep.  

 PAX: 12:  Tonight Show, Ozark, Lincoln Log, Crab cakes, Obi One, Mufasa, Gator, Yodel, Hard Hat, Unicycle, Ketchup, Blades of Glory

QIC — Blades of Glory:

Blades of Glory welcomed 12 PAX to the Dragon’s Lair.  Gave the 5 core principles in 5 words.  Asked if there was an FNG, no so moved on.  Emphasized the obvious and that would be “I am not a professional” and the other more obvious was the snow, ice, weather.  So yes we modified it, especially since I wrote the work out a week ago and wasn’t sure about the weather.  Blades was excited to jam out to his spotify music during the beat down and had ketchup carry the 80’s bomb box around (and yes Mega bass button was activated) and the cops were not called.  

Warm-A-Rama  happened at the basketball court

15 Side Straddle Hops IC

10 High Knees (IC)

10 butt kicks (IC)

8 inch works out to push up and up

Knee stretch take a _____ thing while squatting sure its in the lexicon somewhere…  



2 Set of 8 x 20/10 Seconds  (so 4 min 1 full min rest then go into the air squats)  Emphasized a full air squat since it was for time and not trying to get through 30 air squats in less then 15 seconds with 8 other people aka f3 murph. 

TABATA: burpees

1 min rest

TABATA :  Air Squats  

Not sure how this went… mumble chatter was low but I’m pretty sure everyone got warmed up…

Pre-Thang:  We adventured to another park across the street (Peterson park).  We crossed the seven levels of the candy cane forest… no we just actually just J-Walked across the street.   The PAX made it to a secure concrete building AKA the pool building.  The pool was closed, but the building was still there.  Oh look a wall let’s use it to get strong.  

  1.  15 chicken Peckers IC
  2. 25 Second Count balls to the wall
  3. 15 Donkey Kicks  (however Blades said Durkins so Ketchup had the balls to speak up and question blades.  After making the much needed modification we continued.  
  4.  Run around the pool Repeat

While running around the pool Tonight Show seemed to find the only 3 foot drift of snow and went right into it.  Modifications were made so we used the sidewalk.  Blades left his stuff knowing he was coming back but Dragon’s Lair PAX knows to pick up the 6 that includes my phone and speakers so when we made it back around the pool back to the front wall my phone and speakers were picked up by Lincoln log and Ketchup (thx guys).  Did the second round like a professional.  Emphasize Like,  not a professional….


Group headed to the picnic tables with some jams as the group continued.  

5 Burpees,10 Table jumps (Alternating option), 15 Derkins, 20 Dips, 25 (v-Ups or Big boy sit ups) Take a lap around the park.  Did this for (20 Min)  Called Omaha 

Modifications were made.  Table jumps with icy tables are not smart! so we tried to do a Pistol, (one leg Squats) 10 count. Use a table for support if needed.  Yes as a figure skater I would do these… as Mufasa had to point out….

Post Thang :  


2 Set of 4 x 20/10 Seconds no rest one min rest this time.

TABATA: 2 Min:  Merkins 2 Min:  LBC

Ended with American Hammer’s Rancid style.  

Prayer & Announcements, T-claps:

T-Claps to Unicycle and all Pax for helping with the Diaper Drive they got 100k  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2SCIBrkp4Y&feature=youtu.be

Ketchup:  His work organized an event called Trees of Love each holiday season.  Check it out on Slack.#third-f


Always appreciate the support f3 has been.  Would appreciate continued prayer for family and 2.0 perspective and that the process would continue to move a long.  Never would have imagined it has been over a year.

Learning to love the process rather than the end goal.  Because for me there is a let down even if I meet the goal.  Process is where we grow and learn and do the things that matter.  Continue to be the best version of yourself.  SYITG!
Blades of Glory

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