Stinson Park/Cold&Windy/Omaha/NE

Q: Buns Of Steel

Pax: Grease Fire, Polaroid, Cyclone, Stitches, Bovine, Spaghetti O, Duster, Doll Face, Gunner, Frosty.

It was early and we were cold so we moseyed. We then side straddled and hopped and moseyed some more and found refuge in a parking garage. Upon arrival we sprinted and merkined our way through and then our way out. We then made our way back home where we discovered

A land of opportunity and

200 Merkins
200 LBC
200 Jump Squats
200 Mt. Climbers
200 Star Crunches
200 Alt Lunges
200 Dry Docks
200 E2K

We split into two’s and while one was doing the exercise the other ran to the stage did five burpee’s and relieved their partner. We did this till Omaha!

COT: Remember accountability and how important it is! This was a main reason F3 worked for me and gyms didn’t. I reminded the crew to keep that in mind as the weather gets colder to continue to motivate one another. The end.

-Buns Of Steel

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