12/9/2021, 5:30am | The Sandlot | Papillion, NE| 40F. Feels like 39F. 64% humidity. 4mph wind.

“Keep The Faith”

(Farva VQ)

# of PAX: 16

QIC: Farva

Pre Run 5:00am

KOA, Jean Claude, Trench, Khakis, Tater Tot, Farva

The Thang 5:30am

Farva welcomed the Pax to F3 – reminding them of the mission to Plant, Serve and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. No FNGs today.

Farva went on to cover the 5 core principles of F3. 1) Open to ALL men. 2) Always Free. 3) Always held outdoors 4) Lead in a rotating fashion (Thanks for the visual reminder TT) 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).

Farva shared the F3 credo of: “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him. This would be important today because of the various normal paces of the HIM present.

5:31-5:33am Warm-A-Rama-15 side straddle hops (IC)-15 big ones (IC)

5:33am-5:40am PAX moseyed to Halleck park road and FARVA explained that we would “Baatan Death March” to Washington Street (84th St.). PAX formed single file line and jogged west. The last HIM in line would complete 3 burpees and then run to the front of the line. All members completed at least 3 burpees before we reached Washington Street.

At Washington Street, PAX circled up for 20 Merkins followed by 5 burpees. 5:40-5:52am Farva told the PAX we would run to 96th Street, but stop at various landmarks to complete exercises.

First stop (Trinity church sign), PAX completed 20 Carolina Dry Docks followed by 5 hand release burpees.

Second stop (Papillion Landing sign), PAX completed 20 Monkey Humpers (IC) followed by 5 hand release burpees.

Last stop before turn around (96th St.), PAX elevated legs on the bridge railing or wall and completed 20 Durkins followed by 5 burpees. Farva noted there seemed to be excessive “third knob” chatter whenever Knobs is present.

5:52-6:06am Farva instructed the PAX to head back down the same path. PAX would again stop at the same landmarks.

First stop (Papillion Landing sign), PAX completed 20 shoulder taps (IC) followed by 5 hand release burpees.

Second stop (Trinity church sign), PAX completed 20 squats followed by 5 hand release burpees. Discussion of the phrase “Free to lead” and it’s meaning occurred on this leg of the run.

Last stop (Central park), Farva instructed the PAX to spread out and find some soft grass and then explained a new exercise called the “Farva bean”. This exercise entailed a basic LBC (with legs up), but moving in a circular manner (clockwise or counter clockwise) while crunching. Farva noted that the PAX looked like a group of beans rolling around on the grass. This final stop concluded with 20 heels to heaven (IC).

6:06-6:13am Farva instructed the PAX to head back down Halleck park road at their desired pace and if time we would complete a lap around the duck pond. We did not have time for a lap, which seemed to please the PAX.

6:13-6:15am-Sarpy Slammers (Rancid style)

We then went into Name-o-rama. The following member were present for a total of 16 PAX members: KOA, Ditty, Irish Car Bomb, Baby Shark, Tater Tot, Khakis (Respect), Truck Stop, Animal House, Squeaky Clean, Ferdinand, Ear Tag, Trench, Tony The Tiger, Zorro, Knobs.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

-PAX reminded about the adopt a family and the difference it is making in the community during the holidays.

-PAX also reminded about the upcoming blood drives.-CSAUP details soon.

-Prayers for Nelly and the Kaipust family.

COT (PAX Members from the Steel Mill joined us for a combined COT)

Farva thanked the PAX for the support at his VQ and began with a scripture. “You don’t understand what I am doing now, but some day you will.” John 13: 7 I have always been a big believer in everything happens for a reason, but when my best friend Mark Kaipust and his young son Taylor were killed in a car accident in September, it really shook me and tested my FAITH. I was probably at the lowest point of my life and probably not coping very well. For some reason, I ended up surfing Twitter (which I never do) and came upon a video with a couple old high school classmates that I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. It was Swipper and Sweet roll and it was what I would later learn was a Name A Rama. They had just completed a workout dedicated to my friend and his son. I had no idea what F3 was and so I began to research a bit. I talked to Swipper at the Funeral luncheon and we exchanged numbers. He put up with my endless questions and I finally came out to the Sanitarium onSeptember 21st as an FNG, finding this group has been lifesaving for me mentally, and want to thank Swipper for EH’ing me and everyone for accepting me, which brings me to today and my VQ. I know I would have eventually got Mark to come out and join F3 and actually I texted Swipper last week that I had a vivid dream last week that Mark was in the Name A Rama at my VQ. Back to the challenge of Faith and what it is, How often do we think about the third F? There are many definitions of Faith, but I like this one from Hebrews 11:1 “Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see .” I have always been a big music fan and would always turn to music during troubled times. During our run today, there was a playlist of songs with some meaningful lyrics to me about Faith and that helped me cope with the loss of my friend. The song Marching in Time is about how we tend to just go through life and just go through the motions and we are not fully present. This was me before this tragic event. But that event also led me to F3, which has changed my life significantly for the better. The song has a lyric that states “the more that you give…then the less you will ever need.” This group has helped me to see the beautiful gift of giving to others and its benefits. This has strengthened my “Faith” in others. Another song Blackbird states “I too will fly someday and find you again.” This is the “Faith” that there is more than just this life and that we will see our loved ones again. This Faith helps us during the difficult times of loss. And Finally, the song “Inside Job” sings “How I choose to feel is how I am.” Living a “faithful” life makes it so much easier to choose to be happy. This choice was difficult for me and I imagine for others, but your whole world can change with that one simple choice. I am grateful I found this group of brothers and I appreciate every single of one of you. Remember to keep the faith, strengthened your faith, and always choose to be happy. Swiper took us out in prayer.

10-7, EOT…Farva

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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