Thursday Dec. 2nd 2021 | Sandlot | Halleck Park | 0530 | 39 degress

Razzle Dazzle

Pax: (6) Farva, Trench, Squeaky Clean, KOA, Baby Shark, Maaco!


Maaco greeted pax at 5:30, reviewed the 3 Fs along with core principles and mission statement.
Started off with a few warm up exercises before visiting the Steel Mill to see what they were doing. Since they weren’t doing much we tried to pump them up as we ran circles around them! We showed them what real SSH looked like as we Razzled and Dazzled them!!

The Thang:
We carried out endless laps around the duck pond. Our mode of transportation was a chain run, accompanied by military style chants. They may or may not have been heard by the gents at Steel Mill and they may or may not have liked them! Along the way we work our cores, legs and arms while completing around 3 miles!

We returned to the shovel flags at 6:05am. We then completed the Name-o-rama including Farva, Trench, Squeaky Clean, KOA, Baby Shark, Maaco!

Announcements: Multiple opportunities to help less fortunate families this season and to donate blood! Heartland for Hope, Diaper Drive, Can Drive, etc. See Slack and What’s App for details.

Prayers: For the families in need this year.

COT: Stay motivated to post in the mornings! Help those around you and those in need!

Prayer: Maaco asked that those who are struggling get the help they need. Those willing and able to help find the opportunities to do so.

Lots of laughs were had this morning! So glad to those who were a part of it!

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