Broken Clowns / Dec 11th 2021 / Halleck Park

AO: The Pit

Q: Golden Pike

PAX: 16

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.


The PAX moseyed to Swole Island and circled up to do these exercises.

SSH (x13)

Tappy taps (13)

Don Quixotes (x13)
Plank arm raises IC (x 13)

Plank leg raises IC (x13)


Broke into 2 teams. 

Death March w/ Sandbag Squats:● Both teams did some light mosey around the pond twice through.● The last guy in the line did 5 squats with the sandbag.● After the squats, he ran up to the last guy, handed the sandbag over and went to the front of the line.

The Thang 

Stayed in 2 teams. Instructed PAX to keep the sandbags.

Each team carried the sandbag with them through each station. The guy who was holding it did not have to do the exercises or could modify however. Just as long as the sandbag didn’t hit the ground.

There were two stations. The teams performed the reps at each station with station #1 being the push.

Station #1 (PUSH) :

At the top of the hill at the trail

130 cumulative burpees (audible to 54 individual squats if number of PAX is below 15)

Station #2 

One end of the pond

Round 1: Merkins

Round 2: Apollo Ono

Round 3: Chuck Norris Merkins

Round 4: Peter Parkers

Round 5: Freddy Mercuries

Round 6: Makhtar D’Njays

Round 7: Plank Jacks

Round 8: Groupees (like bropees but clap together)


Q had the PAX run back to Swole Island where we did Rancid-style hammers to end.


This COT is sort of a continuation of what I talked about at Golden Spike. The statistics I read were:

The rate of suicide is highest in middle-aged white men.

In 2019, men died by suicide 3.63x as often as women.

On average, there are 130 suicides per day.

White males accounted for 69.38% of suicide deaths in 2019.

Kelly Smith, my father-in-law, was 54 years old when he took his own life just after the New Year in 2016. He was a loving man and a great grandfather, but also broken in many ways. He had bipolar disorder and social anxiety which often kept him distant from people. When he was medicated, he was often the cheeriest and most loving person you could imagine. I often wonder how things would have been different if he was a part of F3. I think it’s possible he could have found men who would have enfolded him with love and helped him heal. I don’t really know.

But I do know this – there are many men out there today who are not just Sad Clowns, but Broken Clowns, just like Kelly. They are unable to even reach a hand out and ask for help. It’s why I think EHing can be a greater act than we believe towards other men. We’re reaching out to them and we’re making space for them. For those that are broken or hurting, this could mean the difference between life and death. Look for the broken clowns in your life and tell them “I’ll be outside your house at 10 min to 5am. See you then!”

Golden Pike

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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