Tuesday, December 7 | The Helix | Hillsborough Park | Feels like: 15 degrees

PAX (19): Billboard, Toto, Tubesocks, Milligan (Respect), Sven, U-Haul, Killswitch, Pantyhose, Rotisserie, Black Flag, Romeo (Hate), Othello, Nailed It, Al Boreland, TC (Respect), Birdman, Slow Clap (Respect), LPC, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

It was a great morning to be up and moving as the wind added a challenge to the morning making the windchill drop down to 15 degrees for the morning. Set up didn’t take too long as I moved quickly at the newest NW AO dropping the cones off at different spots, before returning to my warm car. The PAX all slowly emerged from their vehicles just before 5:30am, and Billboard’s face read, “why am I out of my bed right now?” As the clock rang 5:30am, I let the PAX know that I was going to do my best to keep them moving. There weren’t any FNGs so we moved through the welcome cadence quickly, then took a short mosey up to the basketball court for WAR.


  • SSH 5 IC

AAAAAAND that was it! Griswold’s favorite warm up that got us in and out. We mosey south to the top of the Berm for the Pre-Thang as I gave a quick explanation, then got the men moving.


  • 11’s
    • Burpees
    • Hand-release Merkins

We all started at the bottom of the hill with 10 Burpees then ran to the top for 1 Merkin. We continued this for a solid 15 minutes with very, very little mumblechatter. Pantyhose and Toto matched me stride for stride before a former site-Q and the Helix site-Q pulled away. The men were all giving it a good effort and continued to work through their reps. The original plan was to Bernie Sanders up the hill, but I was concerned this would be to challenging for everyone……I actually thought it would take too long. To help with our time, I stopped the Pre-Thang at 5:48 so we could move onto the Thang. A handful of men finished all the rounds, but the most important thing is that no one quit.

The Thang:

  • 3-man Pole Grinder – off the lips, this sounds inappropriate. The reality is we did a standard 3-man grinder with the uniqueness of being on the baseball field as we ran along the fence from the right-field pole to the left-field pole.
    • Left-Field (AMRAP)
      • Werkins
      • Heel Touches
      • Carolina Dry Docks
      • Dying Cockroaches
      • Overhead Claps
      • ETK
      • Chuck Norris Merkins
    • Right-Field (AMRAP)
      • Squat Jumps
      • American Hammers
      • Sumo Squats
      • Rosalitas
      • Roadhouses (Squat Thrusts)
      • Flutter Kicks
      • Jump Tucks

The mumblechatter picked up quite a bit for the Grinder, which was intended with having an AMRAP. A quick explanation was also necessary for the “Roadhouses.” Birdman recognized right away that they were similar Ponzi Pinchers, but I explained that there was no clinching of the butt cheeks. Rather, an emphasis on the thrusting push of the hips. There was also a big misunderstanding on TC’s name and what it stood for. At 6:07am, “OMAHA” was called out and we made our way back to the shovel flags to wrap things up with some Rancid American Hammers.

Announcements: 2 opportunities to volunteer at Abide this week. We are raising funds to sponsor a family through Heartland Hope. 2 chances to give blood these next 2 Fridays. Lastly, there is an opportunity to volunteer for Operation Others next Saturday.

COT: I love Q-Source and this message comes from the start of the 4th Quadrant – Leave Right: “A man’s Legacy is not comprised simply of what he happens to say and do during his lifetime. For most of us that will all be forgotten, and much more quickly than we want to believe. Rather, Legacy is constructed through the people a man has intentionally influenced during his life and the Problems that he deliberately set out to solve – all compounded by his love and generosity of heart in passing on what he knows.” For me, I have been very intentional with who I want to help have Influence on. It starts with my kids. I continually emphasize the importance of being kind, always. I show them how to volunteer their time and the Impact that can have on people’s lives. And lastly, I have a fear of dying at a younger age. So each year for their birthday, I write them a letter to share a piece of me with them. I also am intentional about trying to help young men in our community and that is easily seen through the Scholarship we’ve created. The last area that I am being intentional with my time to help have influence is through my profession. I want to help the next generation of Advisors that are transitioning to becoming CEOs. Where are you being intentional with who you are influencing?

To close this out, “Leave Right is the last quadrant of the 3GL because the construction of Legacy requires Virtuous Leadership. It is the result of a lifetime of Mission accomplishment through Living Right and Leading Right, neither which is possible unless a man has first Gotten Right.” As you set out on your path to create your Legacy, this requires you to continually work at yourself each and every day. Keep putting in the work and showing up. This consistency will help train you to be prepared and help build your Legacy. Thanks for the opportunity to Lead today.

Birdman took us out in Prayer.



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