Quite breezy this morning and a temp of 31 degrees


Short Sale

PAX (18)

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Warm O’ Rama

On the grassy area behind the pavilion after a short mosey. PAX appears to be in great spirits… 1. Tappy-Taps 2. Cherry Pickers 3. Imperial Walkers 4. 10 each direction: squated Sun Gods 5. 21’s in unison – 2 count SSH’s with 1-10 reps out loud and 11-21 mentally. PAX was encouraged not to screw up the count or there would be burpees involved. Of course the eyeballs were on the unlucky couple of men who forgot – or were too excite to stop – at 21 so we decided upon some merkins before The Pre-Thang

The Pre-Thang

Upon recognizing the baseball complex was locked and my original idea or running stairs was no longer an option I quickly pivoted to dips and derkins in the pavilion area. Half way through the set Blades of Glory decided to join us, mumble chatter thought burpees would be a good idea but we allowed him to join in the dips instead.

The Thang: 7 of Diamonds

PAX was split up into four groups. With four cones setup on the soccer field we completed the following workouts:

7 Merkins

14 LBC’s IC

21 Mountain Climbers IC

28 Sumo Squats

21 Mountain Climbers IC

14 LBC’s IC

7 Merkins

Halfway through Mufasa decided this was a race and picked up the pace on this crew, myself included. The idea was great in spirit but I don’t think the PAX liked being passed up. 

Omaha was called at 6:06


18 Rancid Style American Hammers was all that was needed. The core was already pretty roached from the beatdown.


Lots of holiday announcements in regards to Abide Network, Santa Saunter, Blood Drive today, Diaper Drive and the Adopt A Family program. Slack is a great source for all information regarding these events.

Prayers for Slick’s mom who will be undergoing surgery within the next couple of weeks. Sounds like a 4-6 week recovery, wishing everyone the best.

Congrats to Mother Goose and his M on the birth of the newest family member.


I told a story to the PAX about an experience I had this week and how it shaped me and my outlook. Just because things are broken doesn’t make them less than beautiful. Sometimes when something is broken that is when the true beauty can shine. Make sure you are picking up the 6 this holiday season, not just in the gloom but your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and the stranger walking next to you. We are all in this together.

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