The Danger Zone: Emotional Headlock
December 8, 2021
26 degrees; clear skies
Q – Sweet Roll
PAX:  Trench, Irish Car Bomb, Farva, Echo, Grease Fire, Feeney,
Flowers, Baby Shark, Oblivious (FNG), Gobbler, Borat, Double Dip,
Swiper, Levy
Pre Runners: Trench, Farva, Swiper
5:15 AM – YHC welcomed the Pax to F3 – reminding them of the F3
Mission: To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the
invigoration of male community leadership.
Disclaimer made to the Pax that I am not a professional so modify as
Started to Mosey and then swiper reminded YHC to announce our
principles, YHC then covered the 5 core principles of F3. 1) Free of
charge. 2) Open to all men. 3) Held outdoors, 4) Peer lead in a rotating
fashion and 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT) I also reminded the
Pax that we leave no man behind, but we do no leave them how we
found them.

  1. 10 BIG OONES (IC)
  2. 10 SEAL CLAPS (IC)
  4. 10 TAPPY TAPS (IC)

PRE THANG- BIG BANG: Hold plank until the Q announces an
exercise then run the following distance, due the exercise and run
back to the starting point planking for the 6.
10 yards 10 Diamond Merkins
20 yards 20 Merkins
30 yards 30 Squats
40 yards 40 Plank Jacks
50 yards 50 Johnny Bravos
THE THANG- 3 Groups group 1 is push
2’s South End Zone- 20 Merkins, 20 Dry Docks, 20 Werkins, 20
Shoulder Taps, 10 hand Release Merkins. 15 Cherry Pickers.
3’s North End – 20 Mt Climbers, 20 squats, (IC) 15 Apollo Onos (IC)15
Bonnie Blairs (IC) 10 Hydrolic Squats, 10 Big Ones (IC)
1’s West 50- 5 Sweet Rolls, 10 Big Boys(IC), 15 plank ups, 20 LBC’s
(IC) 5 Burpees
Mary 5 minutes:
45 second plank 15 seconds of Mt Climbers
45 second plank 15 seconds of Plank ups
45 second plank 15 seconds of Spider mans
45 second plank 15 seconds of Groiners
45 second plank 15 seconds of Plank Jacks


I told the PAX that I had been thinking about what I wanted to talk
about for me COT today when one of my best friends texted me and
Baby Shark asking about f3. Baby and I have been EHing him for
some time so I was very excited to let him know that I was on the Q
and that Wednesday at DZ would be the perfect time to FNG. Baby
Shark said he would pick him up and my friend formally know as matt
sent a text that said, “Ill be Ready.”
I was excited that we were able to EH a good friend of ours. It got me
thinking about the concept of the Emotional Headlock. It occurred to
me that EH is just another term for peer pressure. Peer pressure but
not in the negative sense but positive peer pressure. I read to the Pax
the following list of the positive effects of Peer Pressure, “a sense of
belonging and support. Increases self-confidence, introduction to
positive hobbies and interests.” I asked if the effects described the
effects of something to a T. They nodded. F3. F3 has given us all a
sense of belonging and support. It has helped with our confidence
and introduced us to hobbies and interests. We in F3 Eh people with
such glee and in altruistic fashion because someone cared about us
enough to positively peer pressure us to be better men and we want
to the same for those we care about because we know they will be
better for it. I encouraged the PAX to give out an emotional Headlock
this week.
Then I took us out prayer.
-Sweet Roll

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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