PAX: Toad Stool, Huffy, Stella, Landsbury, Hot Dog, Black Lung, Grass Roots

Q: Gunner

Weather: 42° and not very windy.

I actually got the morning introduction kicked off at 5:31 am as there was a little debate regarding the age of Christian Slater.  The best conclusion was the assumption that Toad Stool’s age was probably not that far off from the age of Christian Slater.  Knowing we weren’t there to discuss pop-culture, I did break in with the F3 greeting, 5 core principles, mission statement and credo.  We did not have any FNG’s in attendance, so we moseyed down the hill and onto the park’s jogging trail for warmarama.

Warm-O-Rama was a sort of, string-of-pearls format.  We moseyed around the jogging trail and stopped at various locations along the path to perform some calisthenics.

At the first stop

  • 15 IC Hairy Rockettes
  • 15 IC Windmills
  • 15 IC Mtn Man Poopers

We moseyed onto the Second stop

  • 15 IC Yoga Toe Touches
  • 15 IC Imperial Walkers

At the third stop

  • 15 Alarm Clocks

At the fourth stop at the shovel flag

  • 20 hillside Derkins

The Thang

After warmarama, the pax counted of 1-2-3 for 3 different groups.  There were 3 different stations set up at the AO and each group started at the station of their same number.  Each group was to perform the set of exercises on the sheet and mosey to the next station. There was no push group.

Station 1 Near the shovel flag

1st Time –           20 Low Dollys – on OPEN

                              15 IC Heals to the Heaven

                              15 IC Starfish Crunches

2nd Time –          20 Big Os (10 Clockwise other  way on 11)

                              20 IC Inverted Toe Touches

                              15 WWII Sit Ups

3rd Time –           Capt Thors but 3 sets: Start at

                              12 American Hammers and 3 Big Boys

                              16 American Hammers and 4 Big Boys

                              20 American Hammers and 5 Big Boys

Run to station 2

Station 2 on the school building down at the playground

  • Balls to the wall – Each man Counts to 10
  • 15 IC Australian Mountain Climbers
  • Wall Sits with Air Presses – Each man Counts 10

Run to station 3

Station 3 at the edge of the park on Harney Street

1st Time –           15 IC Swimmers

                                                                20 Groiners

                                                                20 Bobby Hurleys

Run to station 1 up at the parking lot

2nd Time –          20 Rosalitas

                                                                20 IC Hydraulic Squats

                                                                20 IC Plank Jacks

Run to station 1 up at the parking lot

3rd Time –           20 Turk & Burps (10 and 10)

OMAHA! Was a group decision at 6:08 am.  All the groups made it through the 3 station-cycle two times.  Since no group made it through for a third cycle we did Capt. Thors for Mary

Mary – Capt. Thors – 1:4 ratio of Big Boys and American Hammers all the way up to 5:20

Announcements – There were the standard announcements that have been stated all week

COT –I shared with the Pax my experiences of  tutoring a young man who is not receptive to any kind of tutoring.

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