Yo! Apologies for the delay. YHC told site Q he would post this on his own and then had a technical glitch with the posting app and a subsequent comedy of errors and recent discovery that the posting never actually succeeded. Because this was one of my favorite beat downs to have ever led, and i was happy with my COT message, i figure better late than never. So, here.✌️

11/18/2021, Thursday, Something like 30°, real feel 22°, and windy

Pax: #16; Polaroid, Betamax, Dome, Cataracts, Oahu, U-Haul, Othello, Frosty, Side Dish, Rooster, Stitches, Jackrabbit, Nailed-it, Pantyhose, Sister Act, Two Step

Q: Two Step
0530: Q welcomed PAX at the Shovel Flags, south end of Mem Park Circle Drive, stated the mission, listed the circlical core principles, and disclaimed his lack of professonalism and the risk of injury.
Mosey: round the circle drive to enter the back of the memorial, circling up around the big planter and flag.

Warm O’ Rama:
Tappy Taps
Tater Taps
Monkey Humpers
Big Ones
Abe Vigoda Windmills
Sungods, fwd/bkwd
Cherry Pickers
Overhead Claps
Side Straddle Hop

Mosey: out the back of the memorial, round the drive and to the platform at bottom of stairs south of the shovel flags.
Pre-Pre-Thang : Crowd Pleaser = combo merkins and groiners, one rep of each, ascending to five reps of each and descending to one.
Pre-Thang: Green Sally Up Squats. Set to the tune Flower by Moby. Begin in DC Proper Squat Down position, top of thighs at 90° to the ground (missing Tugboat this am). Pax stood up every time they heard “Green Sally Up” and returned to DC Squat Down position every “Green Sally Down.” Exicon says merkins, but can be modified to a number of other exercises. I tried that last night and failed miserably, hardly half-way through. Lyrics also include “squat” like thirty times, so that made more sense.

Thang :
Billy Madison.
Running route = counterclockwise circle from platform up the east steps, past the shovel flags and down the west steps to the platform. 12 exercises listed to be performed at 12 reps or cadences. First exercise was performed, the route was run, then the first and second exercises were performed and the route was run again. Then the first three exercises – run – first four… through all 12 exercises. Modification for time – the last four exercises were added following the ninth run.
Merkins – led each time by Betamax
Big Boys – by Rooster, with gutteral enthusiasm!
Side Straddle Hops, by Pantyhose.
Air Squats – Side Dish
Mtn Climbers – Othello
Freddie Mercuries – Stitches
Goofballs – Sister Act
Bonnie Blairs – Dome
Groiners – Oahu
Low Dollies – Two Step
Imperial Walkers – Jackrabbit
Jump Squats – Cataracts


  1. Thanksgiving Thankful Trot organized by Tube Socks with modifications schedule at each site, including organized pre-running 10k and 5k options. Beatdown, at least the one at Futurama, at 6:00.

Prayer Requests:

  1. My friend, Jeff’s trial pushed to next spring. Long road to justice. Pray for justice and innocence.
  2. Nugent’s suspected murderer’s court procedings beginning shortly. Damn that’s hard to write. Pray again for justice and for Nugent’s family.

Once again, I am thankful for the opportunity to lead the pax today, and to follow them every other.
I’ve been blessed to have encountered quite a number of exceptional people. Some of them even outside of F3. There’s a story about one in particular that I think about often. I tell it often also, and apologize to anyone who has heard me say it before, but I believe it is worth repeating. I am thinking about Mitch again right now because my family is going to Madison, WI this weekend to see how the Huskers fare against Bucky. My wife and I lived there for six years and our 15year old was born there. Mitch is still there, and if we are lucky we will get to see him and his wife, Leah Johnson. If you’d like to read about him, google “Mitch” and University of Wisconsin Law School. He is a clinical professor, and a wonderful person. You won’t need his last name to search, because he does not have one.
Mitch grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, Sparta. His father, who died of cancer when Mitch was very young, had discovered as an adult that he was adopted. So Mitch never had connection to his paternal biological family. When he was a young teen, Mitch’s mother also died of cancer. Cancer sucks, btw. A judged ordered him to be cared for by his older brother, who lived in Hawaii, of all places. But it wasn’t paradise. You may have to imagine, but there are parts of Hawaii that aren’t so awesome for a kid from small town Wisconsin. Our own Oahu nodded to acknowledge this truth. When that setup was failing for Mitch, he moved himself, defying the court order, back into his family’s house in Sparta. Somehow it was still theirs. He worked at Pizza Hut to put himself through the rest of high school and lived alone. I love my high school daughter to the moon and back, but the thought of her living alone is roll on the floor laughing my ass off funny.
Eventually he went on to college and law school at the University of Wisconsin. Somewhere along the way, i believe between high school and college, he realized that he was completely on his own, fending for himself with zero connection to any part of his family, and particularly his last name. Mitch wasn’t his first name either, but it was his most common moniker, truncated from his given last name. So, he changed his name to Mitch, legally. Says it on his birth certificate and his bar card and everything.
He is definitely unusual, but to people who know him, it is more for his thoughtfulness. Having only one name can complicate a number of things, like reserving a hotel or a rental car, or defending a client in front of a new judge. It also leads to awkward social interactions at times. Once I mentioned to him that I figured it must be handy to have such a natural opportunity to get a feel of a person’s character every time he meets someone new. His response was, “you know, I’ve learned that people’s reactions are much more reflective of the kind of day they are having.” One person might be super awkward receiving him, but then turn out to be a true High Impact Man (our term), whereas another might be super cool up front and then assy about everything else.
I forgot to mention this in the gloom today, but Mitch’s car was stolen at one point while we were up there. It had a vanity plate that said “LIVWELL.” He was as disappointed and frustrated as anybody else who just lost their car, but he did say about that, “Maybe it will inspire them.”
I am probably not any better than the rest of you at doing this, but I try to be as thoughtful as Mitch as I can, when I meet someone new, or any other time. We could all do better, to give people more of a chance before we decide. At least live well while you can, brothers.

Two Step

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