December 8th, 2021 Heavy Metal 5:30 Great Day for a beatdown!

22 degrees with no breeze which made it feel great

19 HIM joined YHC this morning in the gloom:  Cheap Seats, Pioneer, Q-Tip (R/R), Space Bar, Barber Shop, Z-Bo, FNG/Crusader, Beta Max, Samples (R), Scoober, Hipster (R/R), Hat Trick (R), Folsom, Edison, Blood Shot, Doll Face (R), Honey Stinger, FNG/Black Widow, and Hoser

Q: Wentworth

Started right at 5:30 and welcomed the PAX with motto, 5 core principles, and credo.  2 FNG’s brought out by Pioneer.  It was great to see Cheap Seats come to Heavy Metal for the first time along with some other PAX like Scoober and Barber Shop who aren’t typically at Heavy either.  

Warm-O-Rama:  Windmills, Sun Gods, Copperhead Squats, Merkins, and some SSH’s.

Broke up the PAX into 4 groups:

  1. Playground with speaker and 60 # sandbag for sandbag burpees (10) which served as the timer as the PAX took turns doing them while there were 4 other exercises to AMRAP
    1. Arnold Press
    2. Goblet Squats
    3. Freddy Mercury’s
    4. SSH’s
  2. Stage with running to the top of the hill and back as the timer for this pain station
    1. Thrusters
    2. Hollow body skull crushers
    3. Lunges
    4. Curls
  3. Coupon Swings 20 are the timer here which quickly turned into coupon flips at the top to show off as we saw Z-Bo doing this when we arrived at this station
    1. Bent over rows
    2. Dead Lifts which seem to be the worst for the rest of my day
    3. Low Dolly’s
    4. Tricep Kickbacks
  4. 55 # DB’s Farmer’s Carry timer about 25 yards out and back
    1. Punches
    2. Upright Rows
    3. Renegade / Ben Affleck Rows
    4. Bent Over Fly’s

Omaha was called around 6:08 as I didn’t want anyone to feel cheated out of those terrible/wonderful sandbag burpees, all groups completed one full cycle of exercises.  We circled up and did a round of Rancid Style Hammers.

Announcements:  3rd F items in Slack 3rdF channel.  Food Pantries, adopt a family, Operation Others, Blood Drives, and a Diaper Drive.  2nd F tonight at Kros Strain (Several prayers were also discussed by the PAX for family and friends)

COT:  I spoke about a book that I am reading about solitude and taking time to be quiet and to pray and just listen and relax.  I then found an article with 10 suggestions for helping with solitude:  avoid comparing, take a step back from social media, take a phone break, carve out time for the mind to wander, take yourself on a date, get physical, spend time outside with nature, lean into the perks of being alone, volunteer, and acknowledge things you are grateful for.  F3 has helped me with a number of these items and I feel that this article could have been written by anyone from F3.  Help others who are in need and reach out to someone in this group if you need someone to listen or if you need anything.  We are here for each other.

Ended in prayer.  


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