AO: Top Rope | Aldrich Elementary

December 8th, 2021, 24 degrees, no wind, clear skies. A gorgeous morning  

PAX– Doppler, TugBoat, Truly, Beaver, Kill Switch, Mother Goose, Room Service, Supafly, Bovine, Blades, Fine Print, TheraBand, Sparty, Saul, Tater Tot, Gator, Griswold,

Q: Roadhouse

I arrived in the parking lot at 5:02 AM. I was excited about this morning. I thought I had a decent beatdown for the group but was feeling even better about my COT. I like the message I wanted to share with the group and was excited to share it. I carried my shovel flag over to the spot and saw 3 other flags already planted. The Mess Hall, The Armory and the Naantan. That meant Griswold, Gator and Tater were close by. My heart and my pants got warm.

I did minimal setup and by that I mean I put 2 pieces of paper under the basketball hoops. Then I walked. I walked around the site and thought about the morning. I thought through the workout and through the COT. I was feeling pretty good.

At 5:25 people started to arrive. The first 2 were Truly and Beaver. Then more people started showing up. The pre runners and pre Murphers arrived back at the flags and by 5:30, there was 18 of us in total. The perfect number.

I welcomed the PAX and rolled into the intro. Nailed the 3Fs and the five core principles. I tripped over the mission, and in front of Tater Tot. Damn. I saw the disappointment on his face. I had let him down. I am sorry Tater.

I let the PAX know I was not a professional and led them on a mosey to the lot across the street. It was time for some warm-a-rama.


SSH’s 15 IC

Big Ones 10 count each leg

Cherry Pickers 15 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Pickle Pushers with Eye Contact 15 IC

The last exercise of Warm-a-rama got weird. I asked each PAX to partner up and look into each other’s eyes as they did the Pickle Pushers. I won the lottery as we paired up as I got to partner with Room Service. We got into plank position and stared into each other’s eyes. The windows to our souls. 1,2,3, Thrust. 1,2,3, Thrust. Room Service never broke eye contact and I don’t think he even smiled. He locked onto me and we pushed pickles together. It was glorious. My only regret is that he did not have his usual moustache. That being said, I might not have survived if he did have that luscious lip caterpillar.

After Warm-a-rama, we started on a beaver run. Arms up. Arms out. 10 merkins. Arms up. Arms out. 10 merkins. We continued this across the parking lot until we arrived at the south wall of the school. It was time for some wall work.

10 Donkey kicks

Balls to the wall 10 count

10 chicken peckers

10 Australian mt climbers

Once we got done, we got back to our beaver run until we arrived at the west wall. Time for more wall work.

10 Donkey kicks

Balls to the wall 10 count

10 chicken peckers

10 Australian mt climbers

We got back on our beave run until we arrived at the North wall. We did wall sits and counted up the line of PAX twice as we held that sit. Now it was time for the Thang.


We’re going to do a 2-man tag team grinder today.

Partner up. One guy will do exercises while the other guy runs to the front of the school and does set of 15 Dips, 15 Derkins and 15 Air Squats

The other guy will do the list of exercises in AMRAP until the other guy returns

 Air Squats

Heels to Heaven

Cherry Pickers

Copperhead Squats

Starfish Crunches

Carolina Dry Docks

Jump Squats

Gas Pumpers

Air Presses

During the Thang there was lots of mumblechatter and lots of laughs. That is a sign of a good beatdown. At 6:07, Omaha was called. We circled up on the basketball court for some Mary.  


Guantanamo Bay- In Honor of Mother Goose’s new baby on the way

American Hammer- Rancid Style 18 IC  


Went off without a hitch


Lots of 3rd F opportunities during this holiday season. Look on Slack for details.


Keep Mother Goose and his M in your prayers as they get ready for new baby


Last weekend I found myself aimlessly flipping through social media and seeing the usual suspects. People’s kids, a few political posts and lots of selfies And then something caught my eye. A video. I am not sure why it grabbed my attention, but I am so glad it did. Maybe social media isn’t all bad…

It was a video of a college professor, and he was holding a glass of water. He asked the class how much they thought it weighed. 8 ounces. 12 ounces. 16 ounces. He then went onto explain it depends on how long he holds onto it. If he holds it for a minute its fine. If he holds in for an hour his arm starts to ache. And if he holds it all day long his arm feels numb and paralyzed. He then compared that to our stresses and challenges that we face every day. The longer we hold them, the heavier they are.

WOW! I pressed the replay button and watched it again. Then again. Then one more time. I think in total I watched in 12 times in a row. The message was so strong. So relevant. So clear.

You see 2021 has been a year in which I have been holding onto my glass of water for far too long.

And my arm hurts. And so does my heart.

I have had a year of ups and downs and while the ups came and went, the downs are still with me. I have been carrying them and each day they get heavier.

I think its time to put the glass down…

I have to believe I am not the only one who has been doing this. Can you relate? Are you carrying your glass longer than you should? What are you holding onto?

I’d like to make a pact right now that we are all commit to putting the glass down as we enter 2022. Let’s start fresh. I don’t know what your exact struggles are. Maybe it’s your kids. Maybe it is a relationship. Aging parents. Stress at work. Health issues. Addiction. Heartache. Fear. Insecurity. Doubt. Those are just a few of the options that are out there. But I’d like to make a pact right now that we are all commit to putting the glass down as we enter 2022. Let’s start fresh.

So, reflect on what you are holding onto. Reflect on what is making your arm numb? And get comfortable with the idea of setting it down. Because at the end of the day, it is the only way we become the best version of ourselves.

Tater led us out in prayer.

I love you all.


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